Running a video experiment !

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In this video I explained how I want to run a video experiment.

I will do that to promote both steem and @threespeak.

In the end of the month I will tell you about the results.

I hope my plan will work well.

Here are all other social media where I will do so :

Twitter :
Youtube :
Facebook :
Instagram :

And there are some other video platforms as well, like vimeo, dailymotion and others.

Enjoy watching the video.

I hope you like the idea and you may do the same.

Let's see how many steemians or 3speakers we can onboard.

It's a challenge for me and all steemians to onboard someone !

Accept the challelenge. lol

Watch the video to understand the idea.

Video marketing is really powerful.

Read here about the project I want to start to promote steem: Creating SteemDelegator !

Subscribe to my 3speak channel here !

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It is Good initiative actually, but is not very hard to guess what outcome is gonna to be ? Just to make a Guess, you shall receive most of your views form Facebook, followed by Twitter, Youtube and Finally Now this was from the context of views, there are varied parameters (loading time, geographic location, age group, gender, number of comments, What is allowed to speak, etc.) you can employ to check a random experiment. I mean this would be interesting.

@clixmoney, Good luck towards this initiative and i think definitely you will going to achieve good exposure and views.

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Thanks. I'll do my best. The idea is really crazy, but I will do it anyway. I want to expose steem and the platform more than myself. I just think that each platform take care about its videos. I already tried that in twitter and I see that I'm having a good amount of views there. Also, when people scroll their feeds there, usually videos start to play automatically, what brings even more attention. Try that with your poem videos and add some promotion in the end of the video, or at least in the discription and you will see how many views you will have there. People also start to follow you there that way.

Welcome and good luck with your efforts and i will try my best. Thank you. 👍

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Thank you @clixmoney! This really a great video experiment, I love this video!

Thanks. I'm glad you like this. :)