Fake volume and ranking of crypto - They can't fake the value of steem !

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In this video I'm mad and angry with coinmarketcap.com, the website I was visiting almost everyday while trading !

They are letting the fake volume of crypto apear in their website !

People are losing money in scams instead of fiding the mostly valuable coins like steem !

They are ranking steem 80 and sometimes even 81 while we have more than $55 million invested in it !

Up to 86% of total reported cryptocurrency trading volume is likely fake what's really insane.

There are even people faking that volume with money and you can find out that here : For $15K, He’ll Fake Your Exchange Volume.

Thanks god we have now other websites like openmarketcap.com that are showing the right ranking of crypto and removing the fake ones. Steem is 73 there and maybe in reality it's even higher !

Great that 70% of cryptocurrency exchanges will fight fake volumes with CoinMarketCap, we should fight that as well and show the truth !

Steem blockchain is one of the most active blockchains in the world and you can see that here : blocktivity.info.

A lot of competitors are fighting steem now.

Let's stand together to show them, who we are !

Spread this in steem by resteeming, share this in twitter and other social media, or create content about it !

Let everyone knows the truth !

I will tag those who maybe helpful : @theycallmedan , @streetstyle , @whatsup , @steemflow , @nathanmars , @jongolson , @josediccus , @cryptospa , @freecrypto and all steemians should worry about this !

Enjoy watching the video.

Read here about the project I want to start to promote steem: Creating SteemDelegator !

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There the ranking is 80 as well, they seems just coping everything from coinmarketcap. I checked there.

This is rather unfortunate incident happening, how can they give us the fake values in crypto market. It means we those who pick news from this people should always be careful. Thank you very much for the video.

You're welcome. I hope all crypto community will know the truth now and not check that website. We have more real websites that are giving the real numbers.