The union between Russia and Europe !

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In this video I explained the importance of gas.

I also shared some of my ideas about Nord Stream.

Some peoplealways trying hard to not make them unite.

But money talks and I don't think they will ever stop.

Enjoy watching the video.

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True talk @clixmoney without money i don't think they will eventually stop. Good one mate and nice update as well

I don't think, you watched the video. The thing they did, is not related to money, but something else. I said that in the video and that's why I'm making videos, for people to watch them.

@clixmoney, In my opinion everyone should unite because it's possible. And if everyone unites then first thing this world will receive is shower of peace.

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Of course everyone should, but what's uniting Russia and Europe ? Did you watch the video ?

I am saying one thing and that is, everyone should unite, it's my wish but yet it's not the actual reality, inturn we are seeing more and more division. Stay blessed.

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