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I noticed a few people commeting without watching videos !

I noticed that in youtube and dtube and now in 3speak !

Creators sometimes spend hours to come up with an idea, we spend hours to do research, we spend hours to record and find the right footages, we spend hours to edit the video .... etc.

You think that if creators spend hours to create that video, you have the right to comment without watching ?

If creators spend hours to create the video, spend a few minutes watching their videos before commenting !

Creators are respecting their audiance by spending so much time and tirying their best to create a good video. The audiance also should respect the creator !

From now and on, I will be strict with that and I will reply what I exactly think.

In case I see this thing happening again and again, I will start reporting to @threespeak and to steemcleaners !

I think commenting without watching the video and understanding the main idea, is also a kind of spam !

Don't abuse the platform.

If they are upvoting comments, that's to see quality comments. ( The quality is not only in a lot of words, but in understanding the video and especially watching it ! )

Thanks for understanding.

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I watch them if I comment on them. I think it's the difference between those of us who are here for the information and those of us who are here for the money. Thanks for making this appeal.

You're welcome. I'm really glad you watch them. Big respect to you.

One of the very serious issues a number of platforms is what you talked about in this video. Definitely a huge chunk of people are just commenting without knowing the entire context behind the content but they just go by some basic info. like thumbnail, title etc..

For sure, a creator hopes for awesome feedbacks as well as scopes to improve in the comment section but when they see such stuff, you can guess how they feel. So the prime thing about this issue is that WE the people have to understand the counterpart of the CREATORS and see how they feel after burning such efforts and only then this problem can be resolved I assume.

Thanks for bringing this Clix ! Great Topic !

Video playback require good internet speed and sometimes when good connectivity is not available so that time I try to watch some part of it atleast and entire video later when net speed is good.
I agree that people should watch it.

Thanks for tring to watch. I'm glad you agree.

Your title attracted me, this topic is very common, it happens on youtube, dtube and now on threespeak, I don't usually comment on all the English videos, unless it's drawing or music, I understand Spanish, and I wouldn't be able to leave a comment ( without understanding the subject), it is an abuse it really is.

many are guided by the thumbnail of the videos, but that would be not to value the work of each author, hours of editing and everything to stand out before the public, for what? Not to be valued? I support your initiative, this must end .. good subject greetings ..

This issue cut across everywhere in the tribes, not 3Speak alone, some steemians upon seeing the title straight away comment, since they think early commenting pulls upvotes. Thanks for addressing this issue.

and some of us do not have the bandwidth to watch videos.

so, they can, just not comment. 3speak is upvoting comments and some people just comment to get an upvote and it sucks when creators see comments not related to the topic of the video at all.

Oh, i did not know that part.
Is 3speak upvoting enough to get 2¢ ?
That is almost 2500 SP @ 100% vote.

They give till $0.5 for comments and that't not bad at all. Usually others apps don't care about our audiance, but 3speak cares.

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