3speak, dtube or youtube ?

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I know that steemians use all those 3 platforms now.

So, I'm running a poll in twitter to know what my followers prefer.

The poll is on twitter, here is the link : https://twitter.com/Clixmoney1/status/1174912520064094208

It's interesting that the poll can be active only 7 days, just like the payout in steem. lol

Anyway, I would like to see you voting and you can tell me in the comment, on what you voted and why.

Enjoy the compitition. ☺

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I think one problem with steemit platforms is that we don't talk about the generic stuff that people like seeing on YouTube. This is why we have low volume of views. It takes time anyways, we will get there

You are right. We should create content about a lot of topics. Only that way the website will be counted in the search engine and more people will find out about steem.

@clixmoney, Without any doubt Dtube is strengthing project and I've uploaded many videos there but i am really inspired by the @threespeak and it's innovation and ways of opportunities, i am focusing towards this community. We cannot neglect YouTube at all because to bring masses then we have to use this platform too. Voted on your poll. 👍

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Thanks a lot for voting.


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Man, I'll Stay on with threespeak

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That's great.

Dtube is conceptualized in it's own format, I also think 3speak is aimed at a particular kind of content creation and audience really so I think their goals differs when it comes to how they operate but I won't pink, YouTube is out because decentralization is key. I love both dtube and 3speak

Thanks for your opinion.