My entry to STEEM 2020 !

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In this video I shared what I think should be added to steem !

I'm participating in the contest run by @pennsif.

@theycallmedan and @nathanmars mentioned in the video.

For more details, check this post : Steem2020 contest

I think it's important to watch, to understand what's missed now.

If more people will ask for that, we may get all that for sure.

Enjoy watching.

Welcome to DCooperation community

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Finally the event is here, I have the complete essay written for this. May be I should take it out from the attic, dust it off, edit for grammar and spelling mistakes and its good to go. Thank you @clixmomey for bringing this up.

You're welcome. I will take a look at your entry.

Steam needs to reward more to content creators who seriously work on their time to make this place live and interactive. There was a time when I thought of making Steem as basic income place.

You are right. Content creators are the most important part of this blockchain. I hope they will be rewarded more. They really work hard to go somewhere.

Thanks for trying to support. It seems that you don't have any upvotes left for today. I checked in the website. Try the next time, maybe you will catch me. lol

Interesante proyecto para los que tienen el plan de crear y hacer crecer a la comunidad por medio de sus contenidos y de como van a compartirlo en otras redes sociales para atraer más publico al blockchain de steem.


Interesting project for those who have the plan to create and grow the community through its contents and how they will share it on other social networks to attract more public to the blockchain of steem.

For sure, it's interesting. Thanks for stopping by.

@clixmoney, You've talked about lot of important points but most importantly i want to say that, points which you've said about the creation of applications related to Conversion Tools and next is Affiliate Marketing, in my opinion these aspects can bring more value for sure. Stay blessed.

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Thanks a lot for watching. Yeah, I also think about affiliate marketing a lot. It will be really good. Most crypto people are in crypto to earn something and adding that to steem will motivate more people to join.

Welcome and sounds effective for sure.

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I see, you really wanna drag the whole internet into a STEEM DApp. Well, it is true, web 3.0 will have solutions for everything build on distributed systems. Why not on STEEM then :))

Haha, yeah let them all join steem. It's the best place to be in. Maybe I'm crazy about steem, but it's really awesome. :)

They need to provide the rewards for on-boarding people, the referral program and strong infrastructure for password recovery. I agree, to the point where you said educating new Steemians about complete Steem system.

I'm glad you watche the video. I hope all that will be all added to steem.

Thank you for entering the Steem2020 Contest.

Some great ideas...

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