15 million steem power for you !

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In this video I talked about a really excited thing happening in steem.

So, if you know people who left, just call them back. They will be really happy.

Find out why in the video. lol

Enjoy watching. :)

I'm so excited to share that.

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IT will be Great if IT really happen and there will be much more good curators who will help community to grow.

Because when you are on the start or come back on Steemit like me, it’s great motivation, when I get big upvote.

Yeah, it's great. But, we as creators also should be a bit patient before we will get those big upvotes. Their curators should notice us first. And for that we just have to be active in the community, creating, commenting and bringing value. I'm not saying that will be easy, but at least much better than before. :)

You are right. Lot’s of things are changing and we have new opportunities. We have chance to make this better place and show it to people from outside. And little grow will be great. Steemit have lots of opportunities in evolving.

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I used to spend a ton on promotion, with only about a 2% return. It was a lot of work for not a lot of reward. Since the hardfork I have stopped paying for promotion and get a much much better reward. I'm pretty excited about it too. I went from maybe gaining 2sp a week to about 30sp. It's still not a lot but it's nice to see it growing!

I'm glad to see you earning more power and that's good that you stpped paying. Steem is changing slowly for the best and I think we will have better way to promote our content in the future or we will not have to do it at all. Finally unseen steemians will be noticed and those who really deserve support will be supported. Everything now is done for us and we just have to do it the right way. :)

Wow this is very interesting!
So if I understand correctly- The large accounts have to use their upvotes to get curation rewards back.... So if the bots are not being told who to vote for (and how much), they are now looking to find creative and interesting posts receiving real upvotes and comments?
Bro, I didn’t even realise that was how newsteem could affect things! I’m so excited if this is how it’s gonna be happening from now on!
Thanks for this positive bits of news clix!!! 👍
P.s. Whispering due to late night videos making? Or were you being spooky for Halloween? =)

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Yeah, the only way for them to earn now is to curate because people are afraid to send them steem for upvotes. There are still some bots accepting steem, but just a few of them. But those who are already curating are having more than 15 million sp that they have to use. The only way to get that is to be active and to create quality and sooner or later we will be noticed by their curators. :)

Absolutely you are telling right dear friend @clixmoney. There is lots of people having massive steem power in this blockchain. after reducing the number of bidbot, almost it will be use for curators and authors. so there is opportunity for good quality content to having much reward, if they work here properly. who has left in despair, comeback again , now it is Renaissance of steemit.

Greetings. Great way of looking at it. I have seen my rewards increase considerably. I have beenvoed by accounts I never thought would notice my posts, so I am very pleased with how manual curation is going so far. I just hope the downvoting issue is minimized

That's great that you are noticed now. I think if we don't do what will lead to dowvotes, we will never get them.

Well, that's the tricky part. I have been downvoted, fortunatelly by very small accounts and I haven't figured out yet why. I have been posting lately on the Inktober contest. All my drawings are original, I do not buy votes, etc. The only reason I can think of is that the person downvoting is an artist and I am not. And my drawings insult their artistic sensibility. If the downvote will come down to a matter of taste (whether we like a post or not, or whether we feel offended by someone's ideas), this is gonna get very messy.
Steemit is being propagated under the premise that there is real freedom of expression here; that this is decentralized, etc. And yet, I have seen big accounts downvoting users because of some argument, because of association, and the whole list of reasons why a post can be downvoted can get very long. I think that can be very dangerous for the platform.

Yeah, that all because we have here the proof of stake. So, our content is not deleted, and dowvote is not censership. If you will have a lot of steem, you can upvote that and make it seen. Maybe it will motivate people to power up. But, again we can always find someone who has more money or a group of people we can't compete. So, we just have two choice, or to accept this and keep creating or to not accept it and leave.

Well said man that exciting time has started in #newsteem and creators who left the platform due to fewer rewards needs to come back and enjoy this fantastic beginning in steem. Now content is king and if the content is good then sooner or later it will get noticed by curators for big upvotes and big votes boost the enthusiasm. When votes are coming for free then why buy.. just need to put efforts and create nice content and earn upvotes. Thanks. Have a great day.

Yeah of course, the quality is the key.