Update on Syria - Turkey Countered by Kurds, Assad and Russia

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It appears that the SAA have now officially pushed as far North as Kobani, blocking off any advance by the Turkish moderate headchopping proxies.

This appears to have freed up resources for the SDF (essentially just the Kurds), allowing it to hold off the advance on Ras al-Ayn and recover a bit of ground.

Perhaps an ideal situation for the government in Damascus if both the (formerly US backed) SDF and Turkish backed NSA (National (sic) Syrian Army) bleed resources against one another.

Unfortunately it appears that the US isn't really leaving all of Syria, with At Tanf and it's refugee prison population still occupied, and also the lack of US withdrawal from the key Deir Ezzor oil fields east of the Euphrates.

They're countered by the Syrian people and their allies, not by Assad, he represents the will if the Syrian people.

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I am really upset for seeing this muslim country aggression, when it will be fine? This movement not give any solution for country.. So be changed and changed world.

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The United States? I thought their alliance with the Kurds was terminated by Trump himself? I basically think the Turks had it coming they're becoming destructive in their approach really. Let's see how it goes

Kurds are now asking Assad to help face Turkey. I think it has to be done because Kurds are part of Syria. Turkey should immediately stop the invasion of Syria to prevent a large war that involves many parties.

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