Hong Kong Protests - How The West Spins A Story & My Disappointment in Alt-Media Coverage

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I break down the police attacks on "innocent" citizens during the Hong Kong protests over the weekend from a perspective that sadly is being ignored by too many alternative media sources.


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I think you are SPOT ON !

Really does smell like yet another attempt at color revolution destabilisation. I wonder if Victoria Nuland (or her British counterpart) will arrive to hand out more cookies !

I was interested to see Hong Kong native Jackie Chan speaking out against the actions of the protesters. Completely unexpected was the mainstream media coverage of him doing so. There was an interview with him on SBS, which mysteriously no longer seems to be available. (imagine my shock).

The actual residents of the city seem furious of the agitators, who are badly impacting their economic wellbeing, with the police often having to protect the protesters from the residents.

Most people really have no idea of the history of China, and should check out John Pilger movie The coming war with China.

The raw footage of the protests you presented really does say it all. If such a protest was to happen here in Oz, the suppression would be far more brutal. We don't need to guess how it would look in the US, we've already seen it time and time again, especially with movements like Occupy.

It seems that way too many people have forgotten 2014. Or they don't know how to properly cover geopolitics. Historical context is the most important tool. It also helps to have a healthy distrust of all state actors.

I've spoken with my friend Avi Yemini who actually flew to Hong Kong to talk to the people on the ground, including scoring some significant interviews (and the viral "don't trust China, China is arsehole" sound bite). Obviously you can't figure out the whole big picture from walking around on the streets ALONE, but neither can you get a full picture looking at internet videos and reports.

Hong Kong can't "vote out" people: that's the point. They never had a completely autonomous democracy even under British Rule but they were told they would have something similar by China.

Perhaps, even though I'm well versed in the history of State and other US department meddling all around the world, I'm still not quite cynical enough to see the Hong Kong protests as so stage managed from afar as you. I've yet to get that vibe here. And I really do think that many people, especially those born and brought up outside the freedoms many of us still believe we have, yearn for the same ones we seem to be giving up on too fast. This is certainly the vibe I get from my eastern European and former Soviet friends (I know many people in Israel in these categories).

Nevertheless, keep watching that government of yours in America, it is still overrun with malign actors bad 'm sure.

The Western-leaning citizens of the Ukraine also yearned for more freedom and separation from Russian influence. I don't dispute that.

Doesn't change the fact that the US backed violent, Neo-Nazi elements to cause chaos and destabilization to get the coup completed. We've all seen the photos of John McCain with them. I remember the videos of masked rioters randomly attacking people and storming government buildings.

I'm not saying the protests don't have support. But the starry-eyed coverage as if this is simply organic and there aren't elements pushed to bring in Chinese troops for international coverage is too much for me.

The links to US State and NGOs is too out in the open.

Even Tiananmen Square had elements of US influence within the student protests that undermined the peaceful parts of it.

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Fear (of) the Soviets doesn't excuse the actions of the West.

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Why are there wars, protest and terrorism all over the world recently

The business models of globalists and Zionazis have been long preparing the profit centers for harvest. Apparently, those crops are ripe.

I think it is useful to consider that the Hegelian Dialectic advances controlled opposition, and absent careful observation of apparently independent media, it can be very successful at damning with faint praise and downplaying organic action that effectively opposes incipient totalitarianism, and even interjecting false, contrived propaganda as novel information. Zionazi organizations particularly are eminently competent at astroturfing and gaslighting, as is revealed by their creation and demonization of Hamas to focus Palestinian resistance to Zionist terrorism and violence in that controlled opposition by people unable to parse that sophisticated deception.

It is telling that where nominally globalist polities, such as the EU, are infiltrating Muslim agents provocateurs, strongly pro-Zionist - and thus organizations supporting globalists - as well as neonazi, opposition agents are presented by media as the only anti-globalist forces. These are long cons, and coordinate support from LEOs and government penal institutions to create street cred for disinformation agents. Actual organic opposition organizations are infiltrated at the same time with 'woke' forces that destabilize and dissipate them, exactly as successfully broke OWS, and the Belgian protests of government corruption apparent in the DuTroux child sex trafficking case, successfully constraining actual disruption of effective use of force by promoting adopting white (another color revolution, although in reverse in that specific case) and utter pacifism when torches and pitchforks were called for to actually resolve the corruption in government.

These tactics can be understood and countered by tracking financial support for such controlled ops, and linking interlocking missions with known controlled ops. Knowing that controlled opposition will be infiltrated, and exactly what the need of the Hegelian Dialectic is in that tactical undertaking, can be used to predict what operations will be undertaken by organizations so infiltrated, enabling them to be identified early. For example, EU political programs causing massive immigration from Middle Eastern nations strongly impacted by Western military destabilization will be actually supported by pro-Zionist controlled opposition, and that such controlled opposition will be vilified in the enemedia, which will cast it as the enemy of the enemies of diversity and multiculturalism. Destabilization of organic dissent will be effected by ignoring them, and insertion of controlled opposition, such as the identity politics forces that dissipated the OWS movement.

It is obvious that Zionazis are the globalists (Zionists are the source of the vast majority of pro-diversity propaganda in the EU), and the demonization of controlled opposition in the enemedia - including covertly controlled alternative media sources - diverts organic support from potentially disruptive organizations to those that are controlled by globalists pushing diversity. In hindsight it is clear how Trump was presented as the candidate hated by globalist enemedia outlets, and a large enough cohort of anti-globalist populations was seduced into supporting Trump, now clearly shown to be an agent forwarding globalist agendae, as a way to oppose globalism. One way to discover potentially organic dissent to simply to note those ignored by the enemedia. The Yellow Jacket movement is practically invisible today, despite involving a broad cross-section of the French and continuing operations for most of a year. The enemedia casting violent protestors as innocent victims of brutal oppression is an example of casting controlled opposition as organic 'the will of the people' dissent, as you here point out, while utterly ignoring the Yellow Jackets and voices like @clarityofsignal indicates organic dissent that potentiate actual opposition and effective political actions to oppose totalitarian oppression.

Organizations expert in conducting psyops, like Black Cube, source of many GEOTUS memes still being effectively used to divert people away from organic anti-globalist and Zionazi organizations, are prosecuting these tactics successfully.

As you have ascertained by comparing the tactics of agents provocateurs in Hong Kong with textbook CIA training, that same technique is applicable to other groups, and linking techniqes, groups, and funding via a database could be very useful to more quickly ascertain controlled opposition and Hegelian Dialectic operations elsewhere, such as Brexit, Xinjiang, and Nicaragua.

I very much appreciate your insightful use of such analysis to demonstrate how that can separate wheat - organic dissent - from chaff, the controlled opposition that sucks support away from actual organic movements and that is used to covertly support globalist and Zionazi agendae. Professional propagandists are extremely sophisticated, and in order to effectively oppose them, we need to be as well.


Thanks for the watch! Xinjiang is a perfect example of another movement that the West is attempting to take control off. Where ever the NED has its figures is suspect.

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