3Speak #03 - Oh No! Poloniex Delist Steem

in threespeak •  2 months ago  (edited)

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Steem is losing another trading exchange that represents 10% of the liquid steem in the current state!

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That's really a bummer!

10% !! That's huge! It's really a setback for us but I hope other exchanges would hop in someday and provide the gateway that is required for people exchanging and trading STEEM which also makes steem attractive and worth being used. Poloniex had a hefty share of STEEM, I really hope someone other exchange soon teams up and keeps up the flow with pace :)

Thanks for making this video man !

It is a huge number. When you think about it! ;)


10% is really crazy I mean that's bad news; like you Said, we need the listing of many exchange yo stay above on the marketcap and also this forestalls value. Poloneix is really huge and I wonder how this 10% might go in affecting steem. This is when we really need advertising and reaching out to other exchange.

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