Grindstone Ridge - Running with the Things

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We have been running around on deer trails and scrambling up canyons on Grindstone Ridge almost every evening. @thingone and @thingtwo are turning into quite the trail runners and rock climbers. Join us on an evening adventure before sunset.

I was inspired to make this video by @buttcoins and the @ddaily #thefivereelgood adventure vlog contest. Can you smell what the butt is cooking? What the butt.

Music by moi, I released this track as CC0 free use along with the individual instrument parts so if you want to use it just follow this link:

I am taking 3Speak on a test drive with this post, the subscription fee seems a little steep but hey maybe it will push me to make more video content this month. I have to say the upload and post creation process is much smoother on 3speak than I have come to expect from Steem DApps

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By all means lol I loved seeing the lowlands and the grassland and the kids running lol it's a beautiful delight hahaha must've taken running around a great deal to shoot the video lol loved the sunlight.

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hard to imagine that in a month or two it might be buried in snow

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