Flag Wars?! Ohhhh I'm Coming 2x as Hard for ALL of you!! **PLEASE WATCH STEEMIANS**

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So Today i was on the business end of a barrage of flags for some original content I took a lot of time to produce. Thank you so much to my loyal followers and channel supporters, you guys are the reason I keep motivated to continue. I try to do one little thing EVERYDAY to help the Steem Blockchain along but, many others consider what I am doing is "stealing". Broncnutz is Officially in the flag war game and i can't wait to get started!!!!!!!! Bring it on you bitch made playground nerd haters. LOL....actually I'm not a vindictive person but it this case I'm gonna be, because using my steem power to "fight back" if I have to.

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I've received a downvote from you, can only assume I am somehow a victim of this war. I have just recently joined a few downvote trails of some very respected Steemians. I trust these Steemians wouldn't misuse their downvote tool. Was there a specific post that there is an issue with? I am curious to know more.

My last video you downvoted

Yes, I found the video I downvoted. This is due to the SteemAuto downvote trail I’m on. What I am trying to figure out is why that video was downvoted. The downvote trails I have joined belong to some trusted Steemians. I would like to know from either side why your video was downvoted. It doesn’t seem the payout was irrationally high, so I’m sure that wasn’t the reason. Is this sports rivalry?

No this is a personal thing. It showed that you should be Leary of who you are following for downvotes. I’m sure they will downvote again......and I’ll be back for more. This war will never end with me until these people stop this crap. I’m sorry to downvote you, I really don’t want to downvote anyone but now I’m pissed off and I Gotta do what I gotta do.

Good to know which side you're on. It is absolutely ridiculous how you decide to react to small downvotes when you've been earning inflation through vote-trading which is the same as delegation to bid bots or selfvoting 10x a day. Guess what, profitable votes from bid bots are slowly going away, 10x selfvotes are gone, guess who's next on the list.

Thank you for chiming in @acidyo. I am absolutely unqualified to try and mediate things like this as a newbie still learning terms like "whale" and "minnow." I should probably just stick to producing good content for Steem, but @broncnutz is the first real account to give me a downvote. I felt out of respect, I should at least look into it. I'm not trying to waste anyone's time. I'm informed enough to know about circle voting, etc.

If your still new, I would be careful with downvote trails. They are a petty power tool!

If you see something that offends you, sure downvote it...
But if you have your own brain, why do you need to give someone else your power, to decide what is good content?

Downvote trails just encourage retaliation style behaviour as being shown now


well said and exactly my point. if acidyo and ocd dont stop this centralized madness i will be forced to start down voting people who have deligated steem power to them. I have no issues with a flag, they are needed in many cases, i have issues with weak people who let others make decisions for them.

I totally agree @philippekiene. I think downvote trails could easily be misused. I only join downvote trails of trusted curators. I would the same reason applies as why I delegate SP to curated by communities.

I realize I’m a newbie and my time is limited on Steem due to work constraints. I don’t want to waste my SP, and want to see it benefit the Steemosphere. I trust communities like ReggaeSteem, NaturalMedicine, EcoTrain and others to curate good content with my SP. I check their curation collections often and I find good posts are the ones rewarded.

I wish I had time to sift through all the sh%t posts to find some good reading material, but it takes way too long. I defer to checking out OCD or Curie curation collections, and I am instantly provided with good content curated by a real human.

It’s a huge timesaver if nothing more. I’m not terribly interested in crypto too, and curation guilds weed those posts out so I can find a good recipe or a nice travel post.

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I agree 100 percent. Well said.

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if your not informed enough you should opt out of "circle jerk downvoting" as well. Acidyo created OCD and then uses it to upvote himself and his friends. Is that not circle jerking? You continue to down vote me for no reason and i will downvote your posts until you stop...its just that simple. I never wanted to down vote you ini the first place, and i hope i never have to do it again. Acid gets off on being a dictator, he used to get beat up in high school.

Well @broncnutz, when I first got on Steem and started posting, all the posts I were getting advice from were a year or two old. So this led me to believe the whole Steem ecosystem is one big circle jerk, and good content will get me nowhere, with bots and veteran accounts controlling the scene.

Not long after my Steem journey began, the #newsteem came, and manual curation too. The way the new voting curve works we are incentivized to do more manual curation, which is what I do now. I now try to carefully place some 100% upvotes here and there on content I like.

My account has organically grown quite fast without me joining any circle-jerks, and it seems to have come from producing just good ole' good content. There was a learning curve at first, but now I'm somewhat comfortable on Steem.

There are some really dedicated Steemians and curators on here doing a lot more to help this platform than I will ever be able to. I wouldn't dare join a downvote trail of an untrusted Steemian. @acidyo and @ocd have solid reputations on Steem through and through.

Well said. Keep up the good fight.

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lol, typical ignorant rant from an abuser who can't get his cookies anymore. :)

I know I downvoted the video, as part of some trusted Steemians downvote trail I’m on. But I only want to know from either side the purpose of the downvoted. Was your video sports-related? Obviously I need to watch it, which I will soon. The massive landslide of downvotes probably came from people on downvote trails like myself. I did see a comment on here about “voting circles.” Was this perhaps the controversial thing which caused some downvotes by curators?

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Upvotes to re-steemers, perfect
Keep on not giving a shit about the content discovery, and bribe and trade for yourself. Just shows how little your claim that you care about distribution (how it's intended to work, for the best content and its curators, not randomly and to the biggest stakeholders) and the platform itself is worth.

"The crypto ecosystem owes the Steem blockchain and the STEEM token a nod of appreciation because it built one of blockchain’s first tangible real-world use cases, a decentralized social content platform. The years have not been kind to the platform, however, with clear flaws such as the manipulated upvoting of content and power disparities between users becoming increasingly apparent. As a result, many users have opted to switch to other platforms like Medium."

Source: https://bravenewcoin.com/insights/steem-price-analysis-engine-in-need-of-a-restart

I haven't been involved in this war but I highly respect what you are doing and why.

Generally, I think it's easy to find fault in anybody's voting pattern but some are just a bit more conspicuous such as the case w Slowie n the gang.

Even so, I also was impressed with a number of @brocnutz sentiments so am a bit torn. He seems generally a sensible fella so would be great to see this hashed out.

Not really a fan of the vote for resteem, vote for follow or any kind of paid engagement for that matter so believe that was def warranted.

Welp got my 🍿 and ready for the drama show! 🎥


Which one impressed you most? That he upvotes his ma so she can give to charity? 😂

You voted for your own comment?!! Weak!

So says the guy who loves his own comments so much you upvote yourself. Pound broken glass man.

Here's your DRAMA. Don't spend it all in one place!

To view or trade DRAMA go to steem-engine.com.

You said it all, my friend. I agree 100% with you.
Steemit as a blogging site is dead if you ask me. It's not worth my time at this stage.
I hope Steempower investment will pay off.
Resteemed, of course. For people to learn.

Hi ya @oldtimer,

Looks like you got out just in time. hehe

bleujay agrees.....it is dead!

Kindest regards to you and your good lady and the cats as well.... ^__^

I saw what's coming and I don't want to participate in this shit show.
Excuse me my French. And thanks for good wishes.
All the best to you as well.
p.s. I own you some tokens. Any suggestions?

hehe.....those are a gift!

Please no worries..... ^__^

What a petty bunch of bullshit. Your post only made $35 - WAHHHH!!! Where were you when good stemmians were getting downvoted into oblivion? You could never bother to defend the little guys, but you think you have been slighted so now you will swing your big dick around and tell yourself it is some sort of justice. Have fun. I quit posting because of assholes like you and the assholes who downvoted you. You ALL are why steemit is a shit platform for average people any more. YOU ruined this place. I am downvoting you after doing minutes of research... Listening to your self righteous video (best I could on that crappy platform 3Speak.) Good luck getting your pound of flesh out of me...

bye....and by the way, i have defended many here.

Really.. that video got down voted.. that's insane that was a great video.. I hate the free downvotes that came with the last hard fork. It's not good for STEEM. If you give someone something for free they will find a way to abuse it. Free flags really grinds my gears.

Those flags seem to be burning a hole in their pockets.....they just cannot get rid of them fast enough. hehe

Let's hope the powers that be can put humpty-dumpty together again.

Flags are ruining the platform.


Really bad abuse, giving the funds some people allocated to themselves and their friends back to the pool so that the rest of the community can have them. What an evil masterplan!

Bronc, I got a kick out this video lol I appreciate your content and plan to continue to support it... the haters are just jelly on you haha....

Thank you! I just wanna make people laugh here....thats my only goal. I like to laugh, i like to ruffle feathers and i like to put a little hot sauce on the game...ya feel me???? How can i help who votes for me willingly? Shouldn't the down voters be down voting my cross vote if they feel the content is not worthy? I'm glad you like my content and find it entertaining even though you most likely don't care a hoot about the Broncos.

Yeah I bet all those small accounts he is hitting “hard and heavy” are just “jelly” too. Glad we are supporting this behavior.

I should clarify I meant I support his content as I do like football and the commentary, and ya it was sort of joking about the haters in that sense. I honestly have no opinion one way or the other on what he does, or what is going on ( I realize there is a circle jerk going on ) and that is all I know really about it and that he was getting downvoted... so I could be way off ...I was just going by what I saw...I just think we have bigger fish to fry around here but who knows ;-)

Always good to form an opinion when you only know one side. Calling people haters without knowing their motives makes you so in!
Happy to get pointed to some bigger fish who take out 20-40$ from the pool daily (by trading votes in a circle which makes 200$+ a day). Unfortunately we can't go after all of them at once, but there's a list ;)

They may be able to intimidate some smaller accounts with their retaliation, but the size of the downvotes they get is only affected marginally by it.

@Pharesim You were one of the first people to support me when I arrived here and appreciate it to this day. All be very honest I really don't know what all this is about I was merely mentioning
the video and looks like I stepped in it! lol ...

Calling people haters without knowing their motives makes you so in!

It was more meant to be a joke really. I don't even know much about Curangel but reading it now it does seem to have a purpose too. I think both sides have a point really and no I'm not taking a side as I don't have much opinion and need to research it more on it as both sides have their pluses and negatives I'm sure. Unless we all need to pick a team now? :P

Happy to get pointed to some bigger fish who take out 20-40$ from the pool daily (by trading votes in a circle which makes 200$+ a day). Unfortunately, we can't go after all of them at once, but there's a list ;)

Haejin! who doesn't produce anything that I'm aware of , plus I'm sure many others. Trading votes has been going on since the dawn of time I believe? Wrong, or right I don't know.

They may be able to intimidate some smaller accounts with their retaliation, but the size of the downvotes they get is only affected marginally by it.

I always suspected there was going to be drama around downvotes this was a given. You knew that was coming right?

edit: also, I'm all for downvoting needed to clarify it xD Even high rewards!

We flagged haejin until he stopped posting. Now we flag some of the low effort posts he upvotes. He's not crying though, just silently downvoting everything we (and I personally) post to oblivion :D

Of course I knew it will go like this. The retaliation was expected, and the posts crying about rewards being stolen and me being a dictator. No surprises there. The threat of violence in the comments here is an unexpected low, but there's always one I guess.

We flagged haejin until he stopped posting. Now we flag some of the low effort posts he upvotes. He's not crying though, just silently downvoting everything we (and I personally) post to oblivion :D

Lol, good to hear!

Of course I knew it will go like this. The retaliation was expected, and the posts crying about rewards being stolen and me being a dictator. No surprises there. The threat of violence in the comments here is an unexpected low, but there's always one I guess.

Yes, I get it. I wish there was more middle ground around here , but people have what they find to be the right thing to do. Time will tell.

I'm always open to talks to find a middle ground, unfortunately most reactions are complete entitlement and no understanding that the only thing which can give steem a future is to not care about own post rewards when you're a bigger stakeholder, but about those of other great creators. We have curation rewards for our own earnings, and they're enough to beat inflation by themselves now.

There's so much to downvote, it would be nice to not have to go after the same people all the time :D

Yep and you should be able to support what you thinks adds value just as someone should be able to downvote what they think does not .. but acting like an asshole, threatening people and going after small accounts is quite the reaction to a downvote 🤷‍♀️

Yes, I'm all for downvotes. I guess we are debating responsible downvoting and responsible circle-jerking - if there is such a thing? At least this is what it feels to me. I agree the threatening is over the top a bit ( I just saw it), we are all one community and need to be aware of how others on the outside are seeing all this. Hopefully, we can find some middle ground on this issue! I think we are all smart enough to figure this all out . 🖤

Hi ya.... @steemitqa,

Lovely to see you.

Hope you are well.


@bleujay !!! I'm good how are you doing my friend! ? Just hanging in here doing what people do on Steem battling and fighting lol ... how is everything on your end ? Much love :-)

Oh thank you for your kind reply..... @steemitqa.

Yes....the same as you....just having a ball watching the food fight! hehe

Hoping the madness will soon end...right?

Thank you for inquiring.....looking about for a place to land and show my work...

Kindest Regards @steemitqa.

Wishing you all the best. ^__^


Welcome, welcome @bleujay who knows it will ever end! we humans love to fight! hehe....

You busy tinkering around with an idea? I'll have to check out MarkersPlace sounds like a great place to set-up shop.

Good to hear from you my friend xD

Several Steemians are there....I am finding out.

bleujay is applying....I was given a couple of invites a while back, but now it seems one just needs an invite to Discord and begin the process of setting up shoppe. I could try to DM you in Discord and send the link.....if you are interested.

All good so far.....

You had some photographs a while back.....quite well done. You should have a look.

Yes...must keep on the move. hehe

Lovely to chat with you here at @broncnutz. ^__^


Welcome to real-world:) .
This is so ugly, I believe this downvote madness will stop soon.

Here's hoping you are right.

There will always be hope, positive and constructive solutions and after the rain the sun goes.

Resteemed your post

@broncnutz. This is who you down-voted

Now I didn't down-voted you. I do not follow any down vote trail. But dude, may be you want to pick a flight with someone close to your size? Just saying...

PS. Up-voted for visibility

I only down voted because he followed a down vote trail and didn't think for himself. i will continue to do so. you can down vote me, i don t care, just make it your own idea. i see you like your own comment A LOT....guess your missing the entire point that this post is about. its funny @acidyo is not over here to help "regulate theft" from the rewards pool like you just did.

Let me edit that.
PS. Upvoted for visibility. This is a popular post. Your comment section is a mile long, man! Which is a good thing.

discussion is good about this. i am not against flags....just giving away your power to make this centralized by ocd.

You were initially downvoted by curangel, and the downvotes we give are decided on by all delegators, not centralized. The only thing that's decided centrally is if a downvote isn't executed, which has never happened so far, they all brought up good reasons so far.
If people decide to follow that because they agree with the direction it is going, who are you to blame them?

It would be fairer if all the accounts on this downvote trail were genuine accounts though.

What do you mean by genuine? They are all genuine people, no clones :D
Or do you mean they should vote manually? If someone supports the mission statement of a project, why can't they get fully behind it? If the project does something they don't agree with they'll remove their support again. Nobody is forced or even incentivized in any way to follow the trail.
It is necessary to bundle power, because the accounts grouping up to trade votes have a stake way higher than any individual that wants to counter the trading. It's only possible to make an impact on them together.


These are what I would call not genuine.
@antiretroviral, @shtup, @TagFlagger, @spirfu, @milky-concrete, @blockways, @joshmania, @dicetime, @roadstories.trib

3 posts in total have been made across all of the accounts listed above... all on your downvote trail.

I hope they will listen to your comments in the video.

I also hope they notice you do get engagement and I have no problem with people thinking your content is over valued or enjoying it.

I have no problem with you getting downvoted, but getting downvoted by a trail based on voting behavior, troubles me.

Who doesn't have some autovotes?

Creating engagement by paying community funds to those who comment, upvote and re-steem \o/

Oh wait, of course you support that, it's your strategy too.

"Community Funds".... I assume you mean the influence I have by holding Steem Power.

Yes, I use my SP to reward engagement and activity, that is correct. That is my strategy, also I have shown up nearly every day for 3.5 years and engaged. Stated my vision, worked on improvements. Powered up.

Your strategy was to send 800k+ to exchanges while criticizing the community the content and others repeatedly. I know what you think of Steem, I've heard it. The community and posts and quality are not what drove the price down. Pull a report at the outgoing Steem and find your answers. It's factual that way.

I don't pretend I have all the answers or am always right, but I do listen to reasonably stated feedback. Do you?

I'll compare my track record to yours any day, anytime.

I'd rather not make it personal, but I got on your list based on who has been voting for me for the last 3 months. Not because of how I conduct myself.
You can continue to attack those who have been here, making the best decisions they know how to make and acting like you know all the right things to do. It's your stake and your voice.

I'm done engaging in your personal attacks, name calling, and self aggrandizing.

If you wanted to engage in a conversation about vision, results and moving forward I would be open to it.

The price is down the alt-coin market is in the toilet and I don't think fighting about rewards is the solution.

So, I am going to continue to do what I do. You can continue to toss insults and feel superior all you like.

"Community funds" as in content and curation rewards, yes. The stuff that forms the value proposal of steem, which has been horribly failing. It's getting better though. Surprised about #newsteem now? What happened to "#newsteem is you don't complain?" :D

You found out that I sold steem, wow. Jelly that you held during the bull run? Did you also see that I bought ever since it's going down again, and still do? How much did you buy, while we're at it?

I'm not attacking anyone personally, only a certain type of behaviour.

I am not surprised by the impact of the EIP at all. In fact I wrote about it. NewSteem was about looking outside of our own community to market and onboard people and focus on creating demand.

Not a bit jealous, you won a Mining Lottery, I don't know how to mine. Still don't. I totally hope your mining continues to pay off. If you win, we win. We have the same goal.

I can't wait until we have more conversations about how to promote Steem than we have arguments about our own inside tech and rewards.

Yeah, let's fix the retention first and not drive all new users off when they see that the big guys move the rewards mostly between themselves. If you haven't realized that that was the problem by now, maybe you should look a bit more what former users or people watching from the sidelines say on other platforms about steem...

Happy to help with promotion after that issue is fixed, meanwhile I'm doing what my stake allows me to do. Cause that's how I understand newsteem.

I complained about my own naivity for a moment when I saw how many people are not behind the changes of the EIP, who did not switch their behaviour to rewarding more diverse content and being happy with the curation rewards they receive, and now I act by using the tools which were introduced.

An individuals impact agains groups of voters with stake in the millions is minimal, so I made a tool to bundle the efforts of many people with the same goal, there's nothing wrong with that. Complaining about being downvoted by a group when you have built a group for upvotes is just hilarious.

Check my votes.

Save your lecture for someone who needs it.

You haven't been targeted. I wouldn't even talk to you right now if you wouldn't have criticized what happened to the poor guy here.

I have no problem with you getting downvoted, but getting downvoted by a trail based on voting behavior, troubles me.

Complaining about being downvoted by a group when you have built a group for upvotes is just hilarious.

I have never typed “upvotes for resteem” on my blog since I been here, I just did on this one to piss you off.

You're the lobbying group on the wrong side of terror. You will become the past of society pharesim.

A single entity trying to make a point against a trail of flaggers needs a support trail to keep it fair and if you don't belong to one then I think it is OK to "rent" some.

I try to do the best i can here to spread this token. i have mega interest in doing so. i also have no prob getting down voted but about 30 of them came in all at the same time. i got bum rushed by flaggers!! lol.


I just ReSteemed this my Brother. I am fully Behind what is RIGHT !! @broncnutz

Upvotes to re-steemers, perfect
Keep on not giving a shit about the content discovery, and bribe and trade for yourself. Just shows how little your claim that you care about distribution (how it's intended to work, for the best content and its curators, not randomly and to the biggest stakeholders) and the platform itself is worth.

"The crypto ecosystem owes the Steem blockchain and the STEEM token a nod of appreciation because it built one of blockchain’s first tangible real-world use cases, a decentralized social content platform. The years have not been kind to the platform, however, with clear flaws such as the manipulated upvoting of content and power disparities between users becoming increasingly apparent. As a result, many users have opted to switch to other platforms like Medium."

Re-posted here because my original was hidden. This time it doesn't even need an upvote for visibility ;)

Like you gave a shit about discovering content yourself.

This dude did for 3 years. So did I.
Curation trails suck.

I always cared and still do care about spreading over content, yes. I don't hunt the next trending, as I don't want to maximize my curation rewards. I want to support the broad base.

Good on him that he did. Unfortunate that he switched to trading votes mainly, or we wouldn't be here.

You cared and you wanted to, yet you gave up on voting quite early.

Now that you started your own curation initiative it didn't take long for things to go sideways, did it ?

You started one of the first flagging trails, called for the minnows to join you and started policing and now you are flagging this guy ? Together with @acidyo even ?
What an escalation. You even anarcho-shamed the guy for not being as anarcho as you or something in the other subthread ?

I skimmed through his video, rather than antagonizing him like a bully.
Sounded reasonable and I totally agree with him on curation trails.

I gave up when I didn't see something coming out of it, because not many others were doing so, yes. I returned when I got new hope that we can turn the ship around, by necessary changes in the code.

I don't see anything going sideways. We seem to stand at very different positions if you think that.
I'm not deciding on who to downvote, I only check the reasons submitters provide and remove what seems unjustified. Didn't happen so far. @acidyo joined because this guy was retaliating against minnows.

Anarcho shaming is a funny word. I don't even regard ancaps as anarchos, as they not only accept but praise the hierarchies money creates. But even if I did, I never understood the NAP they talk about all the time as something that justifies escalation in the level he did over there. "If you say this to me at Anarchapulco I'll punch your teeth out" was hilarious, besides the unacceptability of physical threats in any form on here.

We stand on different positions then.

Here I was, hoping that one day, people would pick up their mouse.

I said this many times before: If the whales (had) not acted like they had won their stake at a bubblegum machine, we might have (had) a chance.

I never understood this anarchist thing - there will always be someone willing to punch you in the face for what you have.

The idea that people would use their mouse proved as unrealistic very quickly to me. Especially investors don't have much time for that obviously. But yes, we've been there both.

Agree with the rest too.

Another culture on here, less self interest, and we could've gone extremely far.

I like the concept of self organization and mutuality, but I'm not an activist who organizes on conferences and stuff to overthrow the state :D The self description is more of a play. I have most sympathy for the different traditional anarchist theories, but am too much of a rationalist to self identify with any political movement completely.

only time i ever posted a comment like this here in 3 years....and you know exactly why i did it. i knew there was a reason i unvoted you as a witness.

You still bribed and traded, as you admitted yourself. Not as openly,so it's good that you finally come out as what you really are!
And if you think I'd give a shit about witness votes you have no idea why I'm here.

Upvotes to re-steemers seems fair if you're trying to make a point with a trail.

He didn't make his point by downvoting everyone in the trail?
But why am I trying to argue with someone who thinks upvotes for upvotes would be fair too.

Upvotes for re-steeming seems fair when countering a gang.

A gang xD You're hilarious, thanks for the laugh.

You're welcome. I'm fairly new here. What does xD mean?

I don't know what you mean "upvotes for upvotes would be fair too." Is that what you think I said. I'm not sure what that even means.

Well, you defend someone who is trading votes, and blame the people who knowingly take the risk to get retaliation downvotes for using the way the system provides to counter groups voting in circles, and redistribute the rewards to everyone else.
Maybe you're too new to understand what's going on, but then you probably shouldn't be taking sides before having read the whitepaper and understand that downvotes exist specifically for this kind of users.

You guys are really going to be busy downvoting because I see auto voting going on all day long and pretty much on every post that has a steemian with $$ behind it. I get some of the reasoning but this was a great post possibly his best which makes the downvoters look suspicious of voting with hard feelings instead of objective reasoning. Possibly punish "circle jerking" another way instead of downvoting a great post.

Oh yes, we are very busy :/ That's why there is a trail.
It was the post with the highest rewards, which gives the most back to the community. I doubt that the delegator who submitted it watched the video, I honestly didn't when I checked if it's a valid submission.
What other way would you suggest? It's the one and only tool the blockchain gives.

This is abnormal what is happening here. I mean this should be a place for everyone. Not just for ocd group.
I dont have anyway problem with them, but i saw how some of they members changed. And guess what i can find it some of they members told that steemit is just a business. It is here on the blockchain so when ever i want i can prove it. So i dont understand what is the wrong then. I also use to downvote shitposts but i think yours are ok.
I also started to feel now that some ruler class left steemit because of the downvotes but i dont like neither the new ones who try to dictate.

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That's the word....'abnormal'....thank you!

He he welcome 😂

But really one team left another came and 1 thing is same with both teams. That they wanna earn more and they support they own group and nobody else.

Is it the newsteem?🤔

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The new team...rules with an iron hand....and that which was acceptable before is no longer acceptable.

In my opinion......limiting the number of posts to 4 per day...which was a limit in times past would have been a solution.

There are all kinds of players in this game...now there are those who think they are the judge and jury of who is allowed to play and they are powerful enough to push those who do not fit into their mold off the platform and they do.

Principle from Shakespeare....

Power corrupts...absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Power is a heady thing....thus the abnormal activity.

All the best to you.

Thank you for your reply. ^__^


ocd wasn't even involved until he started downvoting minnows who follow the trail. Please give the props for upsetting the man-baby where they belong, this was caused by @curangel :D

I just shared my thoughts and what i feel. I dont belong nowhere. I even dont post nowdays do to my work.
But i still read and currate. And this is fact. Nobody is not perfect but steem should be for everyone.

How we wanna onboard the masses if we cant handle even this few accounts?

I even cant imagine if there will be more tribes. Than we make a tribe wars?

As i told i use to currate and also i am useing my downvotes if i dont like something but these downvote trials are something that use to be in the nursery or kindergarden.

So dont take it personal i just shared what was in my mind😉

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Nothing taken personal, I never do that on the internet :D

We can only onboard the masses when those with SP don't use it to split up the reward pool between themselves. Downvotes are the tool to return some of that back to the pool for everyone else. And as not every investor has time and the patience to deal with stuff like what's happening here, we have a trail which helps us to remove more rewards from the big vote traders to the rest of the community.

We also don't speak in military terms about it. It's a tool the blockchain provides to be used exactly for that reason. If somebody feels attacked personally and starts to connect it with violence it's their own issue.

I gave you upvote 💯 and resteem your posting

Super fantastic video

Why do you think that some people think you are stealing?

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I thought i explained it in the video but, "Circle jerking" or trading a few vote with friends, family and other great content makers.

Bro i am following your all content you.hope you looking up my vlogging if you have enough time.i need support and want to good community who are so responsible.. Thanks

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Thanks for the continued support.

Sir If you have enough time please Checking my vlog..

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I thought you meant that people felt you were stealing content. I understand now.

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Resteem it great posting

Greetings @broncnutz,

They do not have enough power to push you out....but they have pushed others out and off the platform.

Here's wishing you all the best......may they play checkers whilst you play chess.


PS....We need a list of witnesses who are opposed to 'free flags'....so we can vote them in.

At first when i watching thsi video i am so smiling see this crazy guys lots of bittern a flag,ha ha, and after moments see your description about this.

Thanks sir for thi amazing content

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Lool. I was just laughing all through. Nice points you raised here.✌

Resteeming 😂😂

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If i made you laugh...you made me smile. i love to make people laugh, its the goal of every video i make.

Well-done bro✌😂

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It's always better to be pissed off than pissed on. No, not always but sometimes you have to go out and bitch slap the little down vote turds like the little children they are.

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Highly disappointed in your attitude.

And I’m just as disappointed in your totalitarian practice.

Yup, I draw the line when you decide to retaliate on minnows downvoting your votetraded garbage.

I’m gonna keep doing it too. Dont act like I don’t massively support minnows. You don’t make the rules around here.....although you think you do.

You are downvoting them to bully them to do as you wish.. you aren’t supporting shit 🙂

Keep downvoting minnows and you will have more negative attention on your “original content.”

Btw, big tough man who wants to threaten and call names. I’m in Cali.. a bit closer than Thailand or Mexico. Feel free to come pay me a visit ... I guarantee my balls are bigger than yours. 🙂


I support you

They started it first
For the record
I am with you brother

Long time supporter.

Greetings from Germany
// 1,2,3, good mood //

Not playing in my mobile sir why

Aha crazy, love that! Nice video, I've heard and seen about flag but your video is very informative, thanks


This is lame and unprofessional.

lol...he said unprofessional. bahahahahahahaha

So? Tell me how you really feel.

well right now now i feel like beating the holy hell out of the Kansas City Chiefs! 8 hours until game time. how do you feel? let me guess.....hummmm like acidyo's wet puppy dog?

Why are you dissing me? I came here on my own. Am I labelled a gang member now? Anyone who thinks what you're doing here is lame must be on the other team? Do you think I'm incapable of making my own decisions? I've been making them here for three years.

So what's the deal? You can't even be respectful? I said this is lame and unprofessional. I could have said a whole lot of other things but I decided to stick to what I think are facts and I did not insult you, as a man. What you're doing doesn't sit well with me. This whole thing doesn't sit well with me.

I have to work around this shit? Are you kidding me? Are we twelve years old here?

I agree that these free downvotes are really getting out of hand. In theory, they are an excellent tool to counter blatant abuse and avoid junk from getting into trending. In practice, they are making steemit into a much more toxic place and the idea that you have to justify who you vote for is just crazy. Also that this entire idea that whales who naturally have bigger post payouts have more incentive to use their big free downvotes as more will flow back to them seems quite off as a mechanic.

Trading votes is blatant abuse, effectively nothing else but covered up self-voting or vote selling.
The big accounts delegating to and following @curangel mostly don't post at all, or very seldomly. We're not here for the rewards, but to build a bigger community.

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Same happened to me on my last post which had all original content on fantasy football. I never initiate a downvote, but I did the same thing as you...if they downvoted my content first, then I downvoted them. I even had one guy crying about it even though he downvoted me first. Now he knows how it feels

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This has became a really big problem after HF 21

Did i not tell you what would happen?
Did i not tell you exactly, to the letter what was going to happen.

I did... but you dont listen...
You just couldnt be smart and take the route Exyle took so all im going to say is:

Good luck.


You did @lordbutterfly.


This is Total hell what is going on, I have never seen such thing. Even if You are not breaking Steemit's policy, because somebody said something to the Flagging group, they Keep Flagging...
I asked for facts but what I hear is rounding the same story...I have never seen such a Steemit Demoncracy...

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