I Dare You To Send BTC To This Address. You Won't..mp4

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Big upvotes on comments today from followers of this channel!

Zachy rounds up the latest and greatest from crypto social.

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Nice video you've got here.
Nice talk about BTC, would love to know more about BTC.

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I Dare You To Send BTC To This Address...

no btc 4u, steem vote instead:)

No BTC, just upvote and you can suck on my blockchain while you're at. I'm a one second man like steem transaction time

I don't have BTC to send you but I give my full steem vote to you and I hope you will like it. I even subscribed your channel to see all your awesome video. Have a great weekend

Hello dear friend!
If I had BTC, I would certainly be happy to send it to you. BTC is like a dream for me. I just seeing dream to have some steem in my account,I have never thought of anything more than this.I know that it is out of my reach, yet I am trying that at some time in the future, I will have some BTC. But this time I am nothing, so I apologize you.
As much as I could I did. I subscribed you and given full upvote whatever its value. I hope you not be angry at me.
Wishing you very lovely weekend and hope there is lots of big hearted people in 3speak community, who will definitely help you.

It would have been cool if I had Bitcoin. However, we know Bitcoin are for the elites but the common man's gold and Bitcoin is Steem.

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