London Has The Most Talented Starving Artists.

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Double Bass Dan is on of the best artists I've ever seen on the streets, anywhere. He's able to turn a dull grey London day into a funky, jazzy festival :)

Many of these artists are on London streets because, honestly, they can't make ends meet with their talent.

Hopefully when Crypto matures, especially Steem, guys like Dan can make a proper living off their amazing gifts.


Peace and Love ✌🏿

All copy and photos are original content by me.

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I lived in London and did the launch of my album at Dover Arts Club. They have a lovely grand piano there. I used pictures from Chelsea Arts Club as the club's first female member spoke with management to allow me and my photographer to do a proper shoot.

One of my music videos:

You're amazing!!

Dude, that base player made me so happy! I would love to visit London, but the media makes me scared to go check it out :/ Looks so nice though.

He is awesome. haha. London has some dodgy spots, but it's pretty safe here. Where are you from?

I’m from Wells, Somerset UK 🇬🇧:) So I’m a bit of a country boy 🤠

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I visited London last 2016. I and my wife were very satisfied with the place. We saw many street performers which we are watching and I admit we are very entertained. Thank you for bringing back this old memory of ours. Cheers

I'm glad you enjoyed it.

This atmosphere blew my mind.

They should be called street artiste


Ah ... I was like this video :)) .... this man there was make good entertainment.
I hope you find more soon this Artists :))

There are so many awesome artists here. I will be speaking to many of them more on camera for sure.

Cool ... and then make some cool photos and you have cool posts :))

we would all be extremely happy when steem goes up

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