Boatwrecked On A London Canal

in threespeak •  13 days ago 

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I was having a chilled out day along the Lea in Hackney when I was randomly invited unto a private boat. I obliged, because you should always get on a boat with random strangers in London.

And then this happened 😱


Peace and Love ✌🏿

All copy and photos are original content by me.

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My! What camera work, seems like you've embraced the white and black effect as your emblem for threespeak videos really, well I was watching the water dripping and it seems the video suddenly stopped playing, it happened in the last video I watched too, I Hope the guys can look into it, cuz my internet is fine


Hahaha. Thank you. Yes I love black and white. I'm a lover of vintage things and the black and white era of photography/cinematography

Ha ha, at least it didn't end up like the end of the peep show episode where mark and jezz accept a ride on a narrow boat 😉

Man.... that lock failing is crazy though. I went on a few narrow boat holidays as a child and that never happened. It was allways plain sailing. Nice video 👍

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Yeah, it could have been a lot worse :)

It feels really good to have steemians like you feeding us with goodies every day. Thanks @adetorrent


Thank you :)

Ah ... this end was good :))) I'm perfectly fine.... and then you start to dance :)
But very good small story and video :) cool .

The nervous been in a boat is always high anytime

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best of luck very good steeminas