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Three hours down, nine to go.


I figured I would make a thoughts from a post. It's been a while since I freewrite like this and I miss it.

Freewriting is my favorite kind of writing when it comes to steem posts and a lot of people have told me they really like them. For a writer, this is music to my ears but lately I haven't been able to do it much - or not at all pretty much - and I hate it, but I've been dedicating my time to other steem related stuff. As a friend of mine says, when steem moons there'll be time for travelling and writing post bullshit, focus on building right now.

He's right, it's building time. To build projects, relationships, partnerships and to build character. I think this is the worst time for me in terms of Steem price =/= value. Some of you may know and other might not but I invested 25k USD on steem back when it was worth .82 cents. Back then it looked like it couldn't go lower than that. Right now, I'm afraid we haven't seen the bottom and altough it's temporary, right now I live off of selling some Steem every now and then.

I don't want to sell. I'm not going to sell. But I need to make a living, even if it's a low budget nomadlike living like be and I can survive with 5 dollars a day anywhere on the planet. Which is exactly why I'm taking this Balcan bus.

Back in early 2010's I had a corporate job. A very good corporate job in terms of USD value and superb monetary value for Mexican standards. I used to do financial and strategic planning management for the biggest retail company in the continent.

Life was good, but money was the one in charge of all my decisions and corporate lobbying was my main drive; my free soul, my adventurous spirit, my thrill and adrenaline nature... They were just but a shade of what they once were. I was not myself anymore.

I went away. I traveled for a long, long period of time. Perhaps longer than what most people could even imagine, let alone endure. If I was able to, if I had the money, the energy, the passion and the time, or at least three out of those four, I would keep doing it.

But I think it's time for some routine and a normal life, at least for the next few years.

Which is exactly why I'm in this bus right now. I'm on my way to a job interview. A job where my old self fits the profile perfectly and I'm more than qualified to kick it's ass.

I'm not sure I'll get it, but hey, wish me luck will ya?

I have nothing to read about and one can only work so much while riding a bus sitting in a very small seat so I maybe I'll post some more thoughts later. I'm going to turn off my data so I don't run out of battery too fast - there are no chargers outlets here - but I'll reconnect later to reply to comments here :)

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@anomadsoul, thank you for sharing your life story with us! It was really interesting to read!

When did you bought STEEM @.82 cents?

Man, GOOD LUCK on the interview!

Thanks for the well wishes man! I really hope it brings me good news in the near future. I bought hmm, it was probably in September-October last year, don't really rememebr the exact date.

Feeling great after reading..

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Good luck, @anomadsoul! I really hope you get it. Yes, there will be time in the future for chilling, writing, and living the dream. I feel it! One must eat, live, have the freedom money brings us to travel and have a nice dinner out from time to time. Still working my corporate job and trying to build stake at the same time. Tough balancing act, but I’m not ready to give up my paycheck quite yet! Crossing fingers and toes that you get the job!

Me too! I am really in a tight spot right now and having a Fiat job, while it's not ideal for me, is the only choice I have, especially with so much happening behind the scenes that do not allow me to cash out almost any steem due to investments inside the blockchain.

Thanks so much for the luck wished, I hope to habe a positive feedback soon from the interview :)

Good luck with the job interview.

... No offense mate, but at least you got to live your dream funded by steem 👍

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Yeah man definitely, and the positive side is that thanks to my in-chain activity, I am still in green numbers vs my initial investment (in terms of steem, in terms of fiat im dead haha). Thanks for the luck wished, I hope it went good and I get a nice call in a few days.

I wish you all the luck in the world! No worries you find what fits you 💕☘

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Thanks so much! It went great and I'm just waiting for feedback, altough that means around 2 weeks of waiting haha.

Your getting a 9-5 job? I'm shocked... I really am.., you are my nomadic guru..., hope it's not for long, don't stay in the same place too long... you keep saying.

Yeah man, sadly/thankfully I am going all-in on steem, meaning that I'm pushing all of my available steem into projects, meaning I'm not able to cash out anything and I won't have any liquid for grocery food and cheap traveling. I definitely hope it's not for long, but this job means at least two years of committment so there's that... Good to hear from you and also great to read your Road to Steem Fest posts man, I don't comment a lot but I do read them, looking forward to meet you again in Thailand.

I don't comment a lot but I do read them, looking forward to meet you again in Thailand.

Will see you there, and please look over the post by @goblinknackers about SF4. He's a little late posting but will be coming with me and is new to the platform.

nooooo waayyyyyyyy, i didn't see that one coming!! Good luck and let us know how it all goes :)

Looking forward to reading the post where you kicked ass at the interview!!!

Best of luck.

Oh my, I do hope I get to write such a post mate! :D Thanks for the good wishes

Buena suerte con la entrevista.

Una pena escuchar que dejaras de viajar, pero que bueno que busques un poco de estabilidad. Bien dicen que nada en exceso es bueno, yo queriendo tener mayor libertad para viajar y en tu caso lo contrario.

Que bueno que te encuentres bien y un saludo.

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What an exciting feeling it is! )) Going towards something different and new, and unknown... )
I had that feeling a year ago, when quite "good" job I work at during 10 years for something completely unknown. I can say I am happy now, and just wish I did it earlier.

Good luck and all the best!!

Definitely, choices and where they lead us are great, especially when it's something new like this time for me!
Oh wow, it must have been a very difficult choice to make and I'm glad you are satissfied with it, I wish I can say the same about mine soon!

Nomad Soul leaving the nomad world? No way! No me gusta amigo :( But as long as you feel it this way, good luck with your new life episode ;) Btw I am not in Playa anymore either... just returned back to Europe.

Yeah man, i should change my username to asedentarysoul :P
Oh really? Back in Czech Republic?

That's a nice list of adventurer needs - money, energy, passion, and time. I think of the desire to wonder like a gene. Some of us have that adventurer gene, and the rest don't. In that sense you were born with the passion, now you just have to collect at least two more of the others. As someone born without the adventurer gene, the idea of a new job sounds kind of like the same level of excitement as wondering - the unknown possibilities, new connections, and maybe really good things. Best of luck.

Todo tiene su tiempo y es bueno reconocer cuando debemos hacer cambios, espero que consigas lo que te haga feliz, eso es lo más importante Erik.

Muchas gracias Liz, definitivamente todo a su tiempo y es de sabios reconocer cuando es momento de tomar decisiones que cambian la vida, muchas gracias!

I tend to disbelieve vague future “when this happens there will be time enough to...” 😆 it stems from a conversation with my cousins after my uncle had lectured each of us about how after we had [finished this particular life stage we were in] then (and only then? 🤣) would we have time to relax and have fun.

Which basically translated not til we’re 70+ and retired in a normal life as you have to study hard at school with time for partying after graduating...except you have to study hard at uni (which you clearly need to go into straight after school as if you do something as “silly” as take a gap you won’t get back into it 🙄), plenty of time for partying after...but then you gotta work hard at your job to prove reliability and worth and get promoted (can’t even get promoted now, cost of living skyrockets and wages refuse to budge no matter what) and yeh none of us thought that was good 🤣

Also applied in more recent years as I’ve been told there’s “plenty of time” after the kids have at least grown up (with things being as they are now they might not be able to move out even if they want to) and I’m like you have no idea just how many stories I got buzzing around inside my head I don’t have time to wait for a mythical future free time that might never actually arrive 🤣

Stuff and situations change though and you adapt with it. Right now it sounds like you wanted a change of pace. Good luck with the job interview, am sure you’ll kick arse 😄

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Talk about more adventures to share! Look forward to hearing more about it! Wish you success!

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Thanks so much man, I don' really know what the future holds but I'm wishing for the best :D

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Good luck on the interview and if you get the job good luck getting your life back into social accepted "normal" life. And I look forward to more written pieces, nice writing style you have!

Thanks so much on the compliment about style man! I used to get some of these out and people liked them but currently and since my blog changed a bit of direction, I can't post these as much as I would like to :D

You are welcome. And maybe you can use afitsoule for more free write in combination with the actyfit reports. How did the interview go?

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I don't know if you already had that interview by now, as your post is from yesterday.. If so, I hope you kicked ass :) Sometimes we have to take decisions like that, and who know what other great opportunities that job will bring besides the money. It sucks having to cash out at these prices, but here it's something that needs to be done at least once a month as well. But I have faith that will all change soon, until then, it is what it is, right?

I already had it and it went great! I still have to wait like 2 weeks to get some feedback but I'm hoping it will be a positive one :)
I dont' know what will happen but as you say, sometimes it's about making decisions and take all chances as we see them. It is what it is, exactly. Thanks for dropping by!

dude I hope for your sake this potential job (i hope you get it) involves travelling around the world payed.

Balkan! curious!

Ohhh if only! I mean, the job desc includes a bit of traveling, but nothing to satisfy my need of it, but sometimes you gotta make the logical decision after spending three years doing what the heart says hahaha.

Oh damn!!! I didn’t see this coming. But you know, nothing is forever, just try the routine for a frw months and if it doesn’t suit you it’s just as easy to quit again. Wishing you luck on the interview - but first survive this bus ride :’)

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I was seeing it coming for a while now, especially with these prices and my decision of going all in on steem and using all my liquid to invest in other projects. Then again, if prices would go up I would've been able to do both (keep moving and invest all my liquid hahaha)