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RE: Control over life's keys

in #thoughts4 years ago

What often happens is that my brain and body tries to avoid the situation,

Hm yeah this happens to me all the time because of my shoulder injury. I haven't been programming for 3 months because of it... really annoying.

Also, I get on Steem and burn time like I used to do way back on the day on Facebook. Not the best outcome... at least I get paid for it :D

Here's to hoping for a cheap cure to all ailments.
Unfortunately we all know the establishment doesn't do cheap :(


"coding shoulder" - the injury of nerds ;D

It is much easier to pick up old habits than build new and the insidious side of it is that they integrate back into life and feel so natural they go unnoticed.

Unfortunately we all know the establishment doesn't do cheap :(

Gotta break up the establishment. Something that I have been thinking about a lot lately is what happens to the Superpowers when the currencies of the world shift, as all they will have going for them is as consumers and their military. That is more than disruption.

It becomes obvious that they will use the military much more aggressively to maintain power. Lots of crypto is going to get stolen. Lots of fiat is going to get devalued (debt slavery forced on citizens) to acquire more crypto "legitimately".

Not gonna be pretty, especially for me... living in a country that spends more on military than all the others combined.

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