Can you separate your awareness in order to have new experiences?

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My good friend Mitchell made a statement to me recently which left me wondering.

He stated: Assume "X" doesn't want to be alone anymore. So, he creates a smaller awareness within his, and how he wants to understand finiture and endings. So, he experiences these exotic things through these smaller awarenesses. But, it can't truly be done - nothing can be separated from itself and continue to exist --all that is a part of it is eternal (in some fashion or other) by default.

(You can define X whichever way you like. I chose to identify X as myself.)

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From this I was left pondering the following questions:

Can you separate your awareness in order to have new experiences?

I think it is entirely possible to step outside our normal perception to experience a different awareness.

We could do this with psychoactive drugs, sleep deprivation, fasting, some types of meditation, compartmentalization, etc.

In this manner, you could see beyond what you would "normally" see.

But is creating a different awareness really creating a "separate" awareness?

Or, is it now just part of the greater awareness, or the awareness itself?

For example, yesterday, you believed this. Today, you believe that.

You have changed and perhaps even expanded your awareness. But, isn't this now your "new" awareness?

You won't carry on holding both the new awareness and the old. No, you replace the old with the new. You carry only one awareness moving forward.

But, perhaps by just entertaining a notion, we are conducting an exercise in the perception of reality?

For example, we could conduct a "thought-experiment". We could, for a moment suspend belief to entertain an idea or a point of view. After exploring this idea, or viewpoint, we could return to our old/true beliefs.

So, in this way, depending on how you look at it, we have at least "temporarily" created a separate awareness.

But again, the knowledge of both "awarenesses" becomes part of the awareness of the whole. So, even though it may not be "believed", we are still "aware" of its existence.

Again, it is not separate.

At first examination, it would appear as though this statement would speak against the unity of the whole. But then, it seems to indicate everything is indeed connected and part of a whole.

Which is it? It can't be both. Or can it?

And it really comes down to: "Who or what is the observer, and who or what is the experiencer?"

So now we enter into the realm of consciousness and the subconscious.

Obviously, we as we know ourselves, "experience" life for the most part, in the moment anyway, through the awareness of the conscious.

Yet, our subconscious records the experiences of the conscious. Our subconscious appears(from what we can see) to have far greater knowledge and insight.

However, we lack the ability for the most part to access that knowledge.

So then what are we?

Are we the experiencer, as the conscious?

Is the observer the subconscious?

Are we the conscious a function, a creation, an awareness of the subconscious?

What is "our" subconscious? Are "we" also the subconscious?

Is my subconscious separate from yours or connected?

The problem is that we have no real awareness of the subconscious. True, we may catch glimpses here and there. But, we don't even know how much of the subconscious we can see or how much more there might be.

We don't know how exactly it works (with certainty), and we don't know for certain what its limitations might be.

So, if we are the conscious. Then, the above statement rings true. We cannot truly create or have a separate awareness.

However, if we are also the subconscious then we, by having a subconscious, can and do create a separate awareness just by existing.

I don't personally know where the lines of my subconscious lie.

I don't know if there are separations between my subconscious and yours. Not with certainty.

I don't know either if my subconscious is connected to a higher intelligence or power.

I suspect so, but I can't prove or disprove it.

So, it may be entirely possible that I am just a part of a whole, with no "real" knowledge of exactly how I am a part of the whole

(except to say I have cause and effect, and am influenced by cause and effect, which in essence also makes me part of the whole, and as discussed previously suggests that I "might not" have free-will, as I think or feel I do).

So, it may entirely be possible that whatever "I" am, can have separate awareness, without awareness of myself, if I am both conscious and subconscious(because I am for the most part only consciously aware).

What are your thoughts on this?

Can you separate your awareness in order to have new experiences?



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