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My kids are truly the best! They hosted the most wonderful party for me for my birthday! Those whipped cream frosting flowers on the cake were so beautiful that they almost looked real.


My daughter spent the week prior getting the house and yard ready for the party. My son arranged the food and beverages, and my daughter-in-law did all the decorating and took many of the photos




There were so many friends and family who came to help make the day special!
This group are only a few of the friends that I am still in touch with that I went all the way through school with from kindergarten until high school graduation. I am so thankful that we have all kept in touch through the years!

My granddaughter shares the birthday week with me.


It was a perfectly lovely birthday!



Hope you all had a weekend as wonderful as mine!

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hope you enjoyed your time

Thank you! I did have a wonderful weekend!

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Thanks, dear Pix!

What a wonderful looking party 💕 @melinda010100! Awesome kids! :-)
Fantastic looking food oh my goodness yummm!! Sure glad you had
such a great birthday my friend! Wishing you many more! ❤

They are all awesome. I have so much leftover food that I will not have to cook for a month! I've been putting things in individual meal sized containers and we'll freeze them so that I can just take a container out and have an instant supper. Everything was really delicious.

What wonderful children you have! I'm glad you had such a great party for your birthday. And happy birthday to your lovely granddaughter! How great that you are still in touch with your school friends! Happy birthday again!

Thanks so much! It was a truly delightful weekend!

Buenas noches amiga @melinda010100 deseo que se encuentre bien, reciba de mi más sinceras felicitaciones en su cumpleaño, que Dios la llene de mucha salud y bendiciones al lado de sus seres queridos amiga.

¡Gracias por tus buenos deseos!

Happy belated birthday Melinda!!! Ut certainly looks like you had a wonderful day with your loved ones

Thank you! It is turning into a wonderful birthday week!

You are blessed with wonderful children. ❤
You look great my dear Melinda and I wish you many more happy days surrounded with your beloved ones!

Thanks so much for your kind words and good wishes, my dear friend!

I'm a bit late but Happy Birthday and best wishes for you! 🎂🎉🎈🍾

Thanks, luv! It been busy times around here.

Beautiful photos, I'm sure it was a wonderful birthday. It shows that you are so happy. Your cake looks delicious

It was a delicious cake! And beautifully decorated. I did have a wonderful day.

It makes me very happy to know that it was a wonderful day for you. And that's the most important thing, the cream of the cake looks very delicious

There is still a bit of cake left.. I may have a bit for a bedtime snack!

That's great. I also have the cake I made to celebrate your birthday. Maybe if tomorrow I feel better I will go to Maria's house and eat cake in your name

Oh, I hope you feel better! And think of me while you are eating that lovely cake!

I have an upset flu but I'm already taking lemon tea that helps me a lot. You know I think that next month I will be able to have my blender, I am so happy!

I do hope that you are feeling better today. That is marvelous news about the blender! I am assuming that means that you have decided to stay in Venezuela.

Wonderful !!! How much they all love you ! ^_^ I'm so happy to see these photos and somehow share the joyful vibrations of this special event with you 😊 ❤️ 💞 💝 🎂 🎊

It was a truly memorable day for me! My favorite gift was from my 14 year old grandson who knows how much I love your country. He spent days out in the garage using power tools that he is only allowed to use when an adult is home and he made an eiffel tower out of wood to give me for my birthday. I will do a post/photos about it.

Oh my ! he is such a sweetheart ! ^_^ Looking forward to see this artwork 😉

En horabuena amiga,ayer no pude felicitar ya que no tuve internet sino hasta ahora,pero de corazon espero que sea un ano mas de cosas buenas,que Dios le regale vida y yo mi carino para usted desde lo profundo de mi corazon,que lindo todo y mas esa union familiar,saludos

¡Gracias por tus buenos deseos, querida!

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Howdy Melinda! wow those guys know how to plan a party! That was beautiful! I still think it's amazing that you have friends that you've stayed in touch with since Kindergarten! Hey look at that food spread too. lol. Wonderful.

They really did think of everything! It was a lot of fun. All of us 65 yr olds decided to plan another get together sometime around Halloween. Gives me something to look forward to!

Oh, that's a wonderful idea, I love that! Did any of the others in the group have a big birthday party?

No other parties for various reasons... Often life gets in the way of celebrations.

Yes that's very true. But it all came together for yours!

!giphy congrats

No !giphy congratulations

Well that’s a bit much but ok ..... hahahahahah congrats @melinda010100

Hahaha! He is one of my favorites!
Thanks so much!

The kids went al out, and that cake ohhhhh that must have been a day job to make i loveeee it.
I want to wish you a belated happy birthday and even now I know your age cause you told me how many years you and CJ differ , you don’t look a day over 30 hahahahah 😉

My daughter gave the bakery that made the cake a $10 tip. It was delicious.

Oh my Goodness Melinda, I am sorry I missed your BD!!! Nevertheless, better late than never.......... Happy Birthday my Dear, I wish you all the best, especially regarding your helath, because you have everything else, especially your family who loves you and you are surrounded by beauty. And you have Steemit family too, which is a bonus. I love the photos of your party! Colorful and full of joy 🌹🎂🥂🎈Cheers!

Thanks, luv! It was a great party. I count my blessings everyday, and there are so many that the health challenges are just minor nuisances!

You are most welcome Dear Melinda and I totally agree. It's easier to deal with helath issues when we are surrounded by love and beauty 💖

You have really great kids, and a belated happy birthday to you

Thank you! My kids, and my grandkids continue to amaze me!