#ThoughtfulDailyPost! -- #5 Oct 5th | Blogtober, Monster Rewards & Brainstorming Goals!


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Time to Reflect & Unwind, it's #ThoughfulDailyPost time!


It's been a long time since I made a #thoughtfulpost so this one is jam packed with some long overdue updates and my usual banter of #UnpopularOpinions!

«♥» ~ «♥» ~ «♥» ~ «♥» ~ «♥» ~ «♥»~ «♥» ~ «♥» ~ «♥»

Blogtober, like Inktober but for writers, starts this month and this here post of mine starts it off for me! What do you plan to do?

Showcasing some of my Splinterlands collecting..

And an update on my growth here now that I've been taking STEEM seriously as a blogging platform...

All of this and maybe some more, just keep reading the score!


|Blogtoberfest Post| 1/31

It's Blogtober 2019! Of course keeping with the usual, I'm a little late getting on this bandwagon, but I only learned of this challenge today!

Basically it's a personal challenge to post a blog post everyday for the month of October! Some people have a different theme to write about everyday, other's just do their own thing.. I might mix and match that because I have quite a few drafts holding my ideas that only need some finishing touches before they are good enough to publish.

Still, there are a lot of ways to take on this challenge.

  • Theme the month, all 31 posts (every blog post you make this month) incorporate one central theme - 31 Ways to Decorate a Cake, 31 Sayings you wouldn't Want Your Mom to Hear, 31 Dog Breeds and Why they are Great!

  • Use these days to update and repurpose older blog posts. Give them a refresh and make sure the info in them are up to date. Chances are most of the followers you have now didn't get a chance to read your posts from over a year ago.

  • Riddle Us This - Make each of your posts part of a puzzle or riddle, include hints within your posts that get more and more specific as you get closer to the 31st day. Unveal the mystery in your 31st post and you could even offer a prize to any user that successfully solves the riddle before x amount of days!

  • If you check out the official Social Media groups for blogtober there is a new prompt/theme each day, or you could use #freewrite prompts or any other source of daily inspiration to motivate you to write a post!

However you decide to take part, be sure to use the hash-tag #blogtober19 so other bloggers can find you!

So, consider this my 1st of 31 posts for #blogtober19!!


|Splinterlands Collecting|

Just a quick little update since I haven't published a Splinterlands post in quite some time.

My deck is building slowly but did you know only 3% of Beta Booster Packs ar left? :o Everybody run and buy me some now!

Here's a peek at my most recent card unwrappings!
GIF made @ https://kapwing.com)

  • Vampire
  • GOLD Beetle Queen
  • Beetle Queen
  • Silvershield Archers
  • Naga Fire Wizard
  • Sea Genie x2
  • Sea Monster

That's a lot of water!

I recently leveled up:

  • Minotaur Warrior {Lv 1 -> 2}
  • Highland Archer {Lv 1 -> 3}
    Need: 1 more Undead Minotaur for lv 4

Thanks to @abh12345's script for this chart! (Or whatever stat program he's using!!)

|My September STEEM Stats!|

Thanks to @abh12345 and his post September 2019 - Monthly Steem report via script I'm now going to have an easy way to track my progress and growth!

Let's see what the month of September had in store for me:

Dear @kharma.scribbles

In September (2019), you authored 14 top level posts comprising of 91124 characters. You also entered 434 comments onto the Steem blockchain totaling 182141 characters of text.

You used 11 different categories for your content and thoughtfuldailypost was the most popular, chosen 3 times.

The post titled \ Random Acts of Kharma / | \ACT#1/ | - How do you spend your crypto? earned the most comments with 55 replies.

The post shared with the community the most was random-acts-by-kharma-contest which was resteemed 6 times.

In September, you cast 793 votes, 7 of these were downvotes, and 2 votes were cast to self.

Your average vote weight (to the nearest whole number) in September was 44%.

You spoke to @contrabourdon the most, leaving 21 comments and @shadowspub spoke to you the most with 23 comments.

You upvoted @playdice the most - 67 times, and chose to issue 1 downvotes to gtemon.


Last month, you transferred 22.50 STEEM to Steem-engine and withdrew 0.495 STEEM.

You earned 4702.344458 VESTS via Curation, which is approximately 2.377049 Steem Power.

And as an author, you earned 0.000000 SBD, 56.953000 STEEM, and 163566.535500 VESTS (approximately 82.683374 Steem Power) in September.

Finally, abh12345 (and his alts) upvoted you 31 times in September 2019!

Well, that was interesting!
Keep in mind that with the author reward stats, this script doesn't take into account when the post benficiary is set to @likwid, which technically just liquifies my SP rewards.. but any benificiary set to @likwid returns the reward back to the author minus 1.5% fee, and I use @likwid a lot so my author reward stats - anywhere - are pretty off.

Well, that's it for my thoughts and updates for today.

Random question for the masses: What crypto dApps do you use the most? Any platform, mostly I use gaming dApps, but I'd like to know of any interesting dApps you've been getting to know.. Let me know in the comments!

Good luck with everything you are trying to do! Continue to do you and STEEM On!

💋 «[Kharma♪Scribbles]» 💋

All images were created, screenshots manipulated and taken by me unless otherwise told

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Brilliant idea. Good goal, to have daily posts. Yeah, it can be like a puzzle.

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