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     It tickles my fur when I discover something that has been there all along. Today's moment was thanks to a trip to buy bread.

     Having a corner store less than a mile from my house is a blessed convenience. Not only is it a quick walk (typically free of toilets), but the shop is owned by a great husband and wife team. These two have one hell of a sense of humor, welcome kids to come in after school to buy cheap snacks, donate goods & time to community functions, and know more about what's happening in the neighborhood than ANY of the PTO women ever could. They even give me candy on Halloween when they're handing some out to the munchkins. (Yes, I wear a costume. 😜)

New Project (2) (1).png
Oh, look! The roadside toilet blossoms are in full bloom!


     The inside of the shop has the usual mill of items. Chips, toilet paper, cigarettes, beer, et al. Each wall and nook has silly signs and kitsch on display. They're fun and all but I imagine dusting is a job that isn't fought for.

     This morning I happened to arrive when one of the beer vendors was making a delivery. The store is tiny so when he rolled through the aisle with his full cart, there wasn't any room to stand aside. I ended up scooching atop the ice-cream chest so that he could pass. Sure, I could have moved back towards the entrance but I'm a squirrel so up I went. (Five points to me for not breaking anything with my butt!!)

Does the Jiffy Pop get replaced to keep it up to code?


     Now, I'm a fairly short sort. Never have I been able to see what is on the wall above the beer coolers. When I stand in the aisle all I see is the underside of the cutouts for the cases and the wall trim. If I look from the storefront, the racks full of groceries are in my way. Boosted by my perch, I was finally able to read some 'new' signs. Forgetting to get down, I asked the owner if I could bring in a rooster. He laughed at me but I noticed that he didn't answer. 😉

What's the rule for prancing loafers?


     Bread in hand, I meandered up front to pay. The Complaint Department 'button' by the register wasn't new to me but I still like it. Anytime I've heard someone tease about having a grievance, the two owners just smile and point. I figure one of these days I'll be lucky enough for someone to actually do it when I'm there. My neighborhood is pretty crowded so the odds are in my favor.

This beats those Leave a Comment boxes.


     The next time you're somewhere you've been to countless times before, take a look around. Maybe climb a tree or some fixtures if you have a chance. (If it helps, tell anyone who yells to 'Blame Brisby'.) You may find something great that you never knew was there.

The first sign seems more like an advertisement than a warning.

     One of these days I'm going to return to my corner store with a ladder. I want to see if there are any more signs that I've been missing out on. Maybe I will tomorrow. Wouldn't mind getting one of those free beers. 😁


     @Wesphilbin has invited everyone to join in to create their own #thoughtfuldailypost (or #tdp). You can find more information on how to participate here. Not sure if you can make one daily? No problem. You can make one whenever you feel inspired. It's more of a positive exercise to express what's on your mind than a challenge. 😎

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What a fun corner store and fun story about your visit there. The Complaint Department Button is funny, but the roadside toilet blossoms in full bloom is hilarious. It is a shame that the flowers were crappy. I would advise you not to get one of those free beers because you might see purple squirrels after drinking it. Thanks for the laugh and have a great weekend Brisby! : )

ROFLMAO! 😂😂 You missed a calling as a comedian yourself, Whatisnew!

Whoa! Were the purple squirrels ALWAYS there?

HUGS to you sweet, Whatisnew and I hope that you had a wonderful weekend and are enjoying your Monday!💜

Now I am ROFLMAO with you holding that beer and asking if the purple squirrels were always there. OMG! I can't stop laughing!!!

HUGS right back at ya sweet Brisby! Hope you have a great week. I had a blast this past weekend because I spent it with my 2 grandsons but I sure am exhausted. I think I will need a week to rest up. I will probably do a long post about our time together.

I have a couple of questions. You are "My person" and I know I can ask you anything. First, do you have the clickable footer info for the Freewrite Favorites blue box? I use that with my Wednesday deliveries and somehow I accidentally deleted it. And...I am looking to buy 50-100 Steem via PayPal. Do you know of anyone who would want to sell Steem to me that way? It is way too confusing for me to buy. I spent days researching and I just don't understand all of the steps that need to be taken. Anyway, thanks for your help and a special thanks for being "my person." : )

Aww! I'm glad that you had a wonderful weekend with your adorable grandsons (and hopefully your plans for resting up are working 🤗). I'd love to read a post about the fun you had!

😍 I'm your person!!!! Yay!!!!!!!!💃 You've me so happy reading that and I'll gladly do whatever you ask my sweet Whatisnew!

Here's the clickable link (JUST REMOVE THE $$ SIGNS) for this weeks freewrite favorites for you.


Also, I can sell you the steem via Paypal. Would you rather use Discord for messages or email?

Huge Hugs to you and have a wonderful day!

Hi my person! Thanks ever so much for your trouble and sending me the clickable footer for the FWH Favorites. I knew I could count on you sweet Brisby!!!

OMG! You can sell me steem via PayPal?!?! You just can't believe what a relief this is! I will explain later. I can't thank you enough. Please Brisby, if there is anything I can ever do for you, please, please let me know. My discord is all screwed up (another long story) but if you send me a DM, I may be able to do it that way. If not, you can send me an email. [email protected] Thanks again sweet Brisby!!! Sending you many HUGS!

Love the hugs!

It wasn't any trouble at all and I like being able to be helpful. 😘

I'll use what you send me via Paypal to purchase the Steem and send it to you. Sorry to hear about your discord being messed up and if I can help you with that, please let me know.

I've sent you an email so that you don't have to bother with Discord.

🤗🤗 & 💜💜 Whatisnew!

Hi sweet Brisby! It is me again, your pain in the butt. You can stop looking for the "Freewrite Favorites" that I asked you about. It finally hit me to just copy and paste...DUH! Thanks anyway. Hugs!

😂 You're not a pain in the butt at all! I'm sorry that I didn't reply sooner but am glad that you figured out a way for it to work.

Love to you!!

I didn't realize it was toilet pickup day. 😂

Where do you shop? The 1700's? Seriously, though, I love stores with a sense of humor. And it's always great to support local businesses.

It's tomorrow in Australia. Maybe our Aussie friends can get us that free beer!

For such a short walk it's hilarious that I saw two along the way.😆

😂 Yup! Let me tell you, hopping up onto the chest was hard to do in a bustle and corset.

Well, all right! Let's ring up our mates! 🍻 (Or maybe I can convince the owners that I'm really an Aussie after all. 🤔)

That's a good idea, mate!

You do have an eye :) This is a riot. Bread...and so much more!

😃 Thank you, Agmoore! I'm so happy that I was able to give you a laugh! 🤗

By the way, I adore your sweet avatar. 😍

Good company for a squirrel avatar :)

Very good and welcomed company! 💜


Thank you my friend, for the shout-out!! 🙏❤️🙏

What an awesome journey this is... out of all of them, I was quite fond of the hillbilly alarm lol... jiffy-pop indeed!! I do appreciate you and your friendship... always a pleasure to have you visit... as well as getting to visit you, as I am now, and see your clever and intriguing posts! Hey @wwwiebe!! Look at @brisby's avatar!!

Thank you for your comment and the initiative, Wes! 🤗

That redneck alarm is a hoot, isn't it? I'm so glad that you were able to have a laugh from my post. That's something that I love!

Congratulations, by the way!! People are really getting into using your tags to share their (maybe not so daily) thoughts! 🎉

I hope that you're enjoying your day and I'm looking forward to chatting with you soon! 😎🍺

Doesn't really even need to be daily just as long as it's starting to make people think about being thoughtful... for themselves, their friends, family, loved ones...

Isn't it awesome to have a smile on your face, and a warm heart? That's all I am hoping for...

Thanks for your kind words... was good to see you today at #TheRamble...

It is awesome to read something that leaves us smiling and with all the warm fuzzies in our hearts! Thanks to you, Wes, for creating the opportunity for more of that in our community with your initiative!

Have a great Monday and it really was great to have the chance to see you in the Ramble. 🌻

I have to share this with someone, and who else but a squirrel. I got so confused by the two @agmoores that I unvoted my own post. As they say in the Brooklyn of my youth, oy vey!

HA!!!!!! (Sorry to be laughing so hard but I'm happy to know that this squirrel isn't the only one who gets confused.) It is so easy to lose track of which account we're using once we have more than one. 🤗🤗

I've had to delete SO many comments that I've made because I forgot that I was logged in as myself and not for the Bananafish. 'Oy vey' is perfectly fitting!

I don't know whether to 😂, or 😓

😉 I vote for laughing. It's good for the heart.

Hahaha! Squirrel! Awesome!

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😁 Thanks, Wwwiebe! I hope that you're enjoying your Monday!