Who Am I......? Question of the day.

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Hello guy's! hope you all are doing great, I know it being a while since I posted last, it's just due to the nature of my work recently and am very sorry for that! I would try to fixed it up.

So why is it matter to know who you are?

Knowing who you are and what you stand for will help you to make wise decisions when you are under pressure.


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Imagine This Scenario:

Judith is at a party for no more than twenty minute when she hears a familiar voice behind her.
"Why are you just standing there?"
Judith turns to see her friend Benita cluctching two freshly opened bottles. Shre can tell that they contain alcohol. Benita holds one bottle right in front of Judith's face and says, "You're not too young to have a little fun,are you?"

Judith wants to refuse , but Benita is her friend. And also Judith doesn't want her friend to think she is boring . Besides, Benita is one of the good girls. And if she's drinking, then it must not be so bad.
'It's just a drink', Judith tells herselfs. 'It's not like taking drugs.'


If you were in Judith's situation, what would you do?






Dear @sannihorlas

Who Am I......? Question of the day.

Great choice of topic. Being aware of ourselfs gives us great advantage.

I just checked to see if you're still around on steemit. How have you been doing lately buddy? Didn't hear from you in a while.


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