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I couldn't resist
and I thought
you could take a joke.

Otherwise you may flog me.

I'm too dizzy to run
into your arms
for a hug.

Oh don't let the mayhem
scare you off;
most of us don't bite
if we're fed regularly.

by @TinyJazzyDahling


We are loving our #unintendedpoetry over at The Writers' Block. @damianjayclay started this tradition and although many of us have piled on and started editing each other's conversations into unintendedpoems (I can't resist a good one myself when I see a gem floating by in chat), it remains a singular honour and pleasure to be #editedbyclay.

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This is so very much you. I love it. Bear is a genius.

He really is. Did you hear that @damianjayclay? ;-)

I like how many different conversations this poetry was drawn from. And still makes sense.

That is merely the a consequence of the fact that I always say things that make sense. :-)

Very cool... you guys may, just may, get me to do poetry.

If you talk enough you'll get edited soon enough.