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[My Next Initiative] For The Seek of Happiness

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Bright personalities often receive world recognition and fame, but they were often neglected for decades. This is the case with Sarah, whose remarkable devotion to become a web developer reached my heart. This is how 'For the Seek of Happiness' was born.

Every time I initiate something on Steemit I have the feeling that this will be the last thing I'm doing here and then I will disappear. Why? Because without exception, every single achievement here was connected with hard work. Last time, I even involved a jury of three writers to rate the submissions for the Shipwreck Challenge. I mean, instead of simplifying it each time I'm making it tougher :D


This time, it's all about a lady who's studying to become a web developer. She's working as a guard and I think her salary is not more than $400. This is enough to rent a room in a flat, pay for bills, pay university fees and groceries, but not enough to purchase even a low performance laptop to follow up with lectures and exercises.

What really impressed me is that she didn't complain about it, but just mentioned it while we were talking on the street. I have known her for years. She's one of those personalities that does not beg for anything and does not complain. She's aware that no one owes her anything.

But here we are. My wife and I were touched by her story. I’m just a guy on Steemit who's acting in disguise, without a real name and face, trying to involve a community for a cause that will put a smile on a lady's face. Two hundred bucks would be enough to purchase a secondhand 4GB RAM laptop for her.

Writing Prompt with a Reward:

For The Seek of Happiness

Instructions: Write a story that involves a major issue you or your protagonist has overcome. If you have enough time, read or watch The Pursuit of Happyness. Reading a summary of the book or watching the trailer of the movie will also work.

To increase the impact of the post I recommend upvoting and resteeming. After all, even if you don’t take part in this writing prompt you’ll still contribute a lot. Again, our goal is putting a smile on a lady who’s struggling financially.

Also, please use #seekhappiness tag so me and you could always refer to this interesting mini project when we need to. It will also help me spot your submissions easier. Do not skip the comments section as the default place to place a link to your story too.


This is a serious prompt and I’d like to be confident that everyone who’s willing to take part have enough time. You’ll have about two weeks and half until Saturday, March 31 to finish your story and possibly submit it in The Writer’s Block queue and get improvements.

Rewards: One Winner Will Get the Whole Reward which is:

  • half of the SBD from the For the Seek of Happiness initiative posts
  • all of the generated SteemPower
  • half of my SteemPower delegated for two weeks

The other half of generated SBD will be collected to purchase a secondhand 4GB RAM laptop that will be handed to the lady who's studying web developing and can't afford one. If by any chance this post lifts off, I will consult with @thewritersblock and donate the rest to another cause.

If you have any questions or suggestions you can always get back to me here or on Discord. Enjoy writing!

Join us at The Writers Block on Discord.

An awesome circle of writers there, supporting each other to get better at what they enjoy doing.

Image source: https://pixabay.com/en/girl-red-redhead-woman-female-1211581/

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I’m happy to support this project. I love the crowd source method of helping someone who could use a little support. Thank you for doing this, @steemfluencer.


Thank you as well @jayna! I need to spread the word about it further. The story reminds me *The Pursuit of Happyness * by Chris Gardner.

@steemfluencer this seems to be a very kind cause. I do not know if a story will come to me or not, but if it does I would like to participate.


Take your time and see what happens : ) I'd be happy to read your interpretation or a personal story. The whole thing needs to be marketed precisely, because Steemit has become a little noisy jungle.

@moneyinfant has added your contest to the list Steemit Writing Contests: Issue #48. The list is updated on a daily basis and your contest will remain on the list until its expiration - there's nothing you need to do.

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If you'd like to help spread the word about the Steemit Writing Contest List I'd really appreciate a resteem, but it certainly isn't necessary. The project is simply meant to help writers save time and contest creators attract more contestants.

P.S. If you know of any contests I've missed I'd love to hear about them. Thanks!


Thank you! You put a big smile on my face! :)


And that right there makes all the work I do more than worth it!

I'll start working on something as soon as I get the chance! I resteemed the post. I hope it reaches many!


Hey @steemedchitty, happy to see you recognized this prompt as challenging enough! Looking forward to read you work! Cheers! :)


Hey, thank you @ashley4u! I really appreciate your time and efforts. Thanks for the submission once again!




A quite unexpected entry @iamthegray! Thank you! I'll include your submission in the upcoming update!


You're welcome

And thank you