Three Things You Shouldn't Do During The Dip.

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This dip must have been here forever! A lot of us have had to adjust to the new realities, doing whatever it takes to survive and stay alive. When exactly did the crypto dip begin? It's bitten so hard that it almost feels like eternity.

Here on Steem, there are a few things many of us shouldn’t consider doing during this dip no matter how easy (or “right”) they appear to be. We will be sharing three things we believe Steemians should absolutely not do!

Do Not Check Coinmarketcap

There is the high chance that coinmarketcap is the first thing you check once you open your eyes in the morning - even before getting out of bed. You want to know what’s up with the price of Steem and SBD and if the Lambo dreams will be coming true anytime soon. It is a very easy thing to do but as we will come to realize, the easiest things might just be the worst for us.

So what happens when the first thing you do in a day is to check coinmarketcap, especially during this period? The first thing is that the prices you’re checking for probably hadn’t still changed much or maybe they even already dropped. This can very easily discourage you and make you sad. So why will you want to start your day by making yourself sad? Do you hate yourself that much?

Do Not Stop Posting

When the prices are low, like we currently have, it is very easy to give up on posting completely. Remember what I said earlier about the easiest things being the worst for us? This is another easy way out that is nothing but bad for you in the long run. So the truth is that there are many of us who post on Steem to earn money to keep body and soul together and low payouts can be very heartbreaking but we have to learn not to let our actions be dictated by the current price of Steem and SBD. This is a very difficult thing to do but remember what “easy things” do to us?

Create and share content for your followers and the entire Steem community come rain or shine and you will reap the benefit in the near future. One thing you should know is that many people will stop posting during this period, which means that those who continue to post will have a higher chance of getting their posts seen, read, and even curated. You should rate the connections/relationships you build higher than the monetary reward.

When you build connections now, what do you think your earnings will be like when the price increase eventually comes? The relationships you build won’t go away. Think about it.

Do Not Compromise On Quality

While it is true that you shouldn’t stop posting even when rewards seem to be very low, you should also not consider compromising on the quality of your content. It is very easy to ditch longform content for a few pictures because you do not see the need to invest all that time and energy into creating the type of quality content you used to share with us all. This is not really a great move as reputation takes time to be built but can very easily be lost in a short period of time.

If you were already gaining recognition for the type of content you were putting out, it wouldn’t be nice to switch up on your followers just like that. Do not ever compromise on quality! In fact, it is probably better to not post at all than to post content that is not of enough quality. You should put in the same effort you would if Steem was trading for a much higher value. Put in the same level of effort regardless of what the potential payout looks like.


With these few points of mine, I hope I've been able to convince you, and not confuse you, not to do these three things I mentioned. Until next time, keep giving your best!


Thanks for this! I was beginning to lose steam but you just gave me the ginger/nudge i needed. #hugggsssssss

Thanks @onequality for the advice. I try my best to post daily and make them quality even in the dip.

That's good to know. Keep it up

Very motivational. I’m here to stay :)

This is a very insightful post @onequality
It do gets to me when I see people not posting because the market isn't good now. The dip won't last forever
Nice one

Well said 👏 .

It is actually a time to show those who are here for the short-term benefit and those who see the bigger picture.

Tough times don't last, tough people do. 💪

Well said.
The truth is, it gets really difficult to post when there is a dip but we must remember we have followers who always look up to us for quality content.

Thanks for the advise!

Righteous advice for us to keep handy.
Particularly the area of not compromising the quality of posts.

Well, for me, I still have faith in crypto and blockchain in its entirety

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Thanks for motivating me😄

Thanks @onequality for this advice and I tell you it really helped .

When bad times comes it take the courageous to build its own future .

Thanks and stay cool .

You're welcome

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