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RE: 100 DAYS OF STEEM : Day 89 - The Shopping Game - Someone Gets Their Shopping Paid For Every Day!

Actually I am interested in participating in the challenges organized by @steemitblog. it's just that in the past few days I've seen that getting curated is only the same person. And every day happens like that. I want to ask one thing, do we have to go through curating the admin first, then we will get a vote, because the admin in my area does not work well, he is not fair. If I have to get approval from him, I'm not interested in participating.

He only voted for his family and close friends.


For entries to The Diary Game you must make sure your posts are about your daily life activities and you use the correct tag #thediarygame (spelt correctly).

I have done according to the rules, but the admin here always skips my posts. the one He chooses is always his wife and close friend.

I am sorry, but for talking complete nonsense about the voting, you will no longer be participating in the game.

Yes, never mind, I'm only talking about facts. Is it wrong to speak truthfully?

thats fascist !

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