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Photo taken by @ecoinstante

Dear @profanereviews,

I'm in need a bit of advice from the both of you.

I know most people that write you letters say its for a friend but we all know it's about them. In this case, I swear to you this letter really is about a friend, who shall remain nameless as they like to hide in the shadows. If word got out that I wrote you this message I would be in a ton of trouble so please, please keep this to yourself.

If you could answer me back in a video that would be wonderful because I'm pretty sure my friend will never watch it on a Thursday. Thursdays happen to be a very busy day in their life. I think I will be as safe as safe as can be.

Now the problem comes in with my friend and dead missing gnomes. Yes, gnomes. I know. It makes me very sad too. Poor helpless gnomes. They just want a garden with beans around them, in green and yellow of course, to make them happy but it never even gets that far before they are killed off found to be missing.

The problem gets worse! My friend happens to live right next to the National Gnome Forest, the birthplace of all Canadian gnomes which has always made me a bit suspicious when the gnome population started to decline.

Photo taken by @ecoinstante

This weekend I happened to be on a trip to visit my Aunt and Uncle in Northern Wisconsin. While driving it became clear we needed to stop and stretch our legs. Finding the perfect place, Gnome Gardens, to stop was an added plus being just off the Highway as it was.

Walking around the grounds, I happened to see Major Beklec Fixphase. Major Fixphase is head of the Midwest Chapter of Gnomes. I found myself being told the most gruesome story to date.

It seems all the Wisconsin gnomes had been called into active duty. They are leaving for Canada and the National Gnome Forest tomorrow. Their job is to help save the Canadian gnomes from becoming extinct!!

My concern now is for my friend and their safety!!

I'm at a loss about what to do about an army of gnomes now headed toward my friend's house.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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I surely can't guess who that friend might be. Very well disguised!
And a marching army of gnomes is a big problem and I am hoping that you will get some good advice to save your friend!!

I surely can't guess who that friend might be. Very well disguised!

Oh good! I was a bit worried but now I know I will be safe LOLL

Could it be time to call in the Royal Canadian Zombie Core? I'm so worried for your friend....HA HA HA

fire up the green beans

I imagine an army of gnomes thinking, "that's nice!"

An army of gnomes from the wood
Marched towards a certain neighborhood
   In the forest of beans
   No kin could be seen
@profanereview's advice best be good!

Never underestimate garden decor!

I read this post, upvoted it as I imagined an battalion of garden gnomes marching on up and crossing the border into Canada.

However to be totally hones, I missed the plot, totally missed the plot except that one of your mates is in need of a bit of some good old fashioned friendliness!

Here's one exhibitionist gnome in need of a shrink!

I was grinning at the post, then I get into the comments and @jackmiller has got me cracking up. That gnome needs some sunscreen, methinks.

I'm pretty sure my friend will never watch it on a Thursday.

Snook, you never fail to make me smile. ;-)

yaaaaaaaaaa :D HUGS!

OMG!!!!!!!! I can not stop looking at the train wreck that this guy is :D

Dear Friend... whomever that might be! The Gnome Apocalypse is almost upon you so take care up there! Hahahaha :-D Wonder if the Gnomes actually fear the color green? Today's Question for those in the "know".

the zombies hate green beans .... and gnomes

hmmmmmmmmmmmm................ LOLLLLLLLLLL

LMFAO that was awesome Snookie

Thank You!!! :D makes me happy I got you to laugh

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