Let's smoke on #themorningbowl

The difference a day makes.. let's smoke a fatty and try to spread some love and positivity on the blockchain.. let's all have a great day..


Fire in the cold..

Peace out ya'll..Dave



I like smoking!

Lol me too. I made a daily show out of it

Extreme temperature conversions. We are experiencing it here in the Ozarks too. It is part of Weather Wars. The chemtrails, Fukushima, HAARP, all of the above... The weather hasn't been the same in years. We've gotten barely any snow this winter when we should of had an icestorm or two. I remember living in the Ozarks as a teenager in the 90s and remember what normal winters were like.

When the fuck do you remember having 75 degree temperatures on one day followed by snow and 18 degree temperatures the next during the middle of winter??? Or lower? I think I need to make a rant about this actually...

Lol.. here comes the rant..

Looks the same in my portion of the tundra this morning. We have a day off for family day so I might get the kids out for some skating.

Stay warm dood!

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Man, I've been loving all this snow. Last year it didn't snow enough!

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