SHOUT OUT Sunday on #themorningbowl

Busy day today.. there's NFL bets to close.. presents to open and shout outs to give.. the best news tho.. I'm back in the bus for..


Shout out... SMOKE..

Peace out y'all.. Dave




i do love
I really do. And guess what, I have one of them cups too!!!!!!

Presents to open??? Is it your birthday, @davedickeyyall?

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Oh, okay! I was vocalizing (me- me- me- me- me- me- meeee...)getting ready to sing you a birthday song. I guess I won't have to do a video song for you then, LOL!

What yo have on first picture sativa or indica? :)

I hope you have a gooood day ! :D :)

Oh nice win Dave! I've been reluctant to join because I don't post enough weed related blogs. Especially these days because I'm broke as fuck and can't afford any weed. Living in Arkansas I have to be a closet toker too.

I bet you could turn that cup into a bong somehow. So great to see the bus again.

Good luck in the football bets today!

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You see last night Actifit?


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