The Mesopotamians: A Civilization Built on Steem

The Mesopotamians is an initiative built to train and empower future leaders in the Steem community. It uses consistent voting support and gamification to help users who have shown a desire to become strong positive forces within the Steem community become more effective.


Our mission is to create a class of dedicated, community-minded users who hold enough Steem Power to be extremely effective in the areas where they work to make Steem better.

In order to do this, we select users who we believe will be good future leaders and provide consistent voting support as they grow to 5000 SP through a six-level system of automatic voting accounts. Accounts operated under this system are @doctorworm @particleman @m-sargon @m-hammurabi @m-ashurbanipal @m-gilgamesh and @themesopotamians.

At each level the users are required to envision and complete a community support project in order to remain in the system and advance to a larger vote amount. This keeps everyone in the mindset of building new things and learning how to be more effective on Steem.

We also operate a private Discord server for our members in order to foster communication and collaboration between them.

Current community-support and curation projects supported by The Mesopotamians include the Pay-It-Forward Curation Contest, Helpie, Asapers, Photocircle, Archisteem, See.Feel.Write, SteemingNaija, and the Steemit-Webcomics and Cartoon-off comics contests. We also support developers behind such projects as NobleBot, BDExchange, Steem Monsters DB, and SteemDaily.Press.

Each account posts twice a week, once to keep track of user stats and once to highlight some of the best posts from the users it supports in the previous week. The system powers its own growth by voting these posts, and by reinvesting liquid rewards in votes on the curation posts when it's appropriate to do so, or in leasing delegation for the accounts.

Currently the system is primarily supported by delegation, votes, and funds from its architect, @tcpolymath, and the first two levels are online and supporting 42 users (soon to be 50). Our project roadmap aims to bring future levels online as the current users reach them, with the entire system operating by April 2019.

We periodically accept new users into the program through an open application process conducted by @tcpolymath on his own account.

We have a three-year plan to self-sufficiency based entirely on using @tcpolymath's resources, but appreciate any other support that the community at large has to offer. If you would like to discuss this please contact tcpolymath#2171 on Discord or [email protected]

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this is the best drive i've seen on steemit that actually seek quality content creators who actually wants to grow their accounts and and and drive to develop those identified users !!!

it creates not only retention but also encourage the steady generation of quality contents for steemit !

other whales should try to get on board with this and help out, yo~

.... i donno any whales on a first name basis :( but.... should we tag some of them here? :D

and who should we @ at? :D

I don't know any whales either. But one side effect of this is that when the whole thing gets going we're going to have one heck of a collective witness vote. Maybe that will prompt somebody to get involved.

Should we try @acidyo and @neoxian ? They are the ones that seems to still be actively trying to curate and lift Steemit's quality contents up through manual curations.... I think. There might be others but a small spider can only perceive tiny bits of the universe at a time...

Well, I done and tagged them XD..... Let's hope for the best \o/

I sent in to add most of the text of this post to Soliciting Power, dunno if that will get us anywhere but it's probably better than flat-out tagging people.

aaah ok

... i apologize if i overstep my mark . __ .;;; wont do it again ! sorry, tc !

Well Neoxian just showed up and gave us a follow and a vote, so maybe your strategy is better. :)

oh phew

that's a relief!


but im too scared now and will retreat to my hidey hole and nurse my heart palpitations back to normal rate


Great idea. I actually have a project in the works that I will definitely put forward for consideration. It's working with the reservations where I am, trying to get some of the young people onto Steemit and succeeding here. Their story needs to be told. Having to go slow though in working with such a vulnerable community. Building needed connections right now, but once it is live I'll let @tcpolymath know.

Please do, that is absolutely something I would want to support.

I love the concept.
They're so many ways to make a meaningful contribution to the steem blockchain these days

Happy to be on board and loving that banner! 😎

It's ambitious but I love the concept!

I kind of understood the basic concept when @lynncoyle1 suggested I apply. Now that I've seen the bigger picture and your timeline and what you want to accomplish I feel honored to be part of this.

It's pretty awesome, isn't it @tryskele?!! :)