The Mesopotamians Project Roadmap

The Mesopotamians is a project to use ongoing support and gamification to encourage account growth and build a class of community-minded minnows and eventually dolphins. This project is run by @tcpolymath.

As I work on getting the second level ready, I've had a few questions about where this is going. So here's the basic roadmap I have in mind. Up through September is pretty solid, after that is just sort of guessing on timelines. Unless we get some unexpected support, launching new levels will depend on how quickly they're needed by the accounts who are in the system already.


May 2018: Launch Level 1 at @doctorworm. Experiment to improve effectiveness.
May 2018: Begin weekly stats posts.
June 2018: Launch Level 1 on second account at @particleman.
June 2018: Develop leveling system, create accounts.
June 2018: Begin weekly curation posts.
June 2018: Launch Level 2 at @m-sargon. (This is in process and will be complete tomorrow.)


July 2018: Develop leveling process.
July 2018: Automate voting.
August 2018: Automate stats posts.
August 2018: Level 1 produces its first minnow.
September 2018: Launch Level 3 at @m-hammurabi.
September 2018: Explore options for seeking outside support.


December 2018: Launch Level 4 at @m-ashurbanipal.
February 2019: Launch Level 5 at @m-gilgamesh.
April 2019: Launch Level 6 at @themesopotamians.
June 2019: Produce our first dolphin.

Some necessary things aren't included because I can't predict their timing, particularly adjustment for HF20 and exploring whether/how we can use SMTs to grow the value of the program. And of course all of this is subject to the price of Steem and whether the powers that be decide to make drastic changes to the way things work here. While methodologies will no doubt change over time the goals of the project seem to me to be in a pretty good place right now. I should probably develop a stronger mission statement than the one above. Maybe that will be next week's post.

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