Exploring Boulder Beach

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A few weeks ago, I wrote about our local theme park, "Silverwood," and posted pictures from my stroll around the north end. Yesterday I decided to walk around the water park section, "Boulder Beach", and take some more photos. I am not a big fan of water park activities, so was content to watch everyone else get wet and have fun.


Everyone who enters the water park has to pass through this retail store on the way in. I worked in this store several years ago, and can guarantee it was a madhouse each day when the doors opened.


Pollywog Park is the first attraction one meets when entering the water park. There are so many ways to get wet here, it's impossible to count them.


Another view of Pollywog Park.


Periodically, this big bucket dumps water down on all the unsuspecting water lovers down below.


Riptide Racer can be seen in the background of the first two Pollywog Park two pictures. Riders use a blue mat to slide down on their tummies. The life guard is there to see everyone gets out safely.


The Lazy River winds through the center of the water park. There are free inner tubes to float on, if you can find an empty one. Ooh, I see one in the photo!


Even the Lazy River has its water hazards, though!


Rumble Falls includes both enclosed and open slides, and you ride on an inner tube. There are some available to use for free, but you can rent one as well, for easier access.


Two wave pools are available.


Hungry? The Granite Grill is right there, as well as several smaller food stands scattered throughout the water park. Soft serve ice cream, soda, burritos and sub sandwiches are among the offerings. There is even a float-up bar in the Lazy River, serving tropical frozen frozen drinks and beer.

All photos taken on my Android phone.

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Looks like hell on wheels. Kids and water, I'd definitely pass on that one;)

Yeah, that's a pretty close description!