The Magic Story: #1 Day 7

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It's me again...
The Magic Frog

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In case you noticed that the story didn't proceed yesterday... someone switched off the Magic Story Machine and I didn't notice because I was... out on a short adventure. If you didn't notice... just forget what you just read.

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Once upon a time, there was a wizard...

who had to run some errands to plan a surprise party for his little frog friend.
(by @localnorth)

what caught the attention of the high council of suspicious and insatiable storks in the neighborhood
(by @hennifant)

They all planned to stop the party because of what the oracle revealed to them about the main surprise at the party.
(by @imbigdee)

But they all had to be very careful... The wizard was known to respond very badly to people who meddled in his affairs!
(by @imwatsi)

Because the storks were wise, they let the confused oracle talk and were happy about the invitation to the party the pigeon delivered at that moment.
(by @hennifant)

But a certain thing about this invitation made the storks still skeptical. The invitation was ...
(by @mkt)

To be continued!

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...marked with a special symbol. One that has not been seen in a long time.


Oh my god... you mean THAT symbol? The symbol which must not be shown? The symbol that means no good? I can't believe that's true! But let's see... weird times... very weird.

...asking that all attendees show up in their birthday suits - but it wasn't like any of the animals wore clothes anyway!


Well... some wear hats!

But @buttpacker, you need to have a space between > and your text. You can use the website to avoid such mistakes.


Oops, my bad, first time participating! Will read the website to make sure I understand the rules/criteria! :)


This is the best idea I've heard in weeks... but actually there are no rules, just use the form on the website and you'll be fine.


Ahh gotcha! I was wondering where the rules/criteria were. Now I get it! :P This is such a great idea btw! Can't wait to see where the story goes!