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We are starting this week in full swing. There is nothing but a sea of possibility in front of us. There are big things happening all around us, and even bigger things on the horizon. 

We have previously written posts about what is happening with Inner Blocks, and more details about curation. We thought with the changes that are happening with Hardfork 21 and 22, maybe we would say something again!

We have noticed there is alot of change already. We have heard people talk about posting less, and curating more. That is amazing. I always encourage both, sharing your experience, as well as supporting great experiences. 

One thing that we have seen an increase in is curation groups. I guess you could call them curation groups. It is an account or community that is using delegations to support great content. Some have no returns and some have a small ROI.

We are here to say that Inner Blocks has already been doing this. We have been running a discord based curation bot that supports amazing first hand content from around the world. We have curators from various countries and languages that are finding content that reflects an individuals real life experiences that may have other wise been buried in the larger ecosystem.

We currently have 10 curators and the account @innerblocks has 8,647 SP. Some is organic and the rest came through supportive delegations. 

We are looking to hit our next goal of 10,000 SP and add more curators. The intention for this is to support more great content from great creators from all walks of life and perspectives. There is no ROI for the delegations. Everything that is rewarded is added to build the project up. We would welcome your support by delegating any amount of Steem Power to..


We can see the writing on the walls and the direction that the entire ecosystem is going. We currently are running our front end As we continue to develop and create the features that we believe will carry us into the future, we will be adding it to this URL. When the front end becomes what we know it can be, we will be rolling it all over to the new URL For now we are adding what we see to be essential. Features that are common and useful for many frontends, like the Keychain login option and an inviting user experience.

We would like to invite you all to join us in the Inner Blocks Discord! 

Check out the front end and let us know what you think. Maybe you would even like to volunteer to get it up and going faster.

Don't forget to delegate and support real people doing real life!

We look forward to meeting you all, and growing this project to connect the world.

Thank you

~Inner Blocks

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As I've been saying for some time... and I am not alone in this thought... community, interaction, organic... people...

Not a transhumanistic endeavour, but like you promote... InnerBlocks Does it help that I am listening to the new Tool Album? Lol... maybe... but all kidding aside, I feel comfortable in your community; already being in the @steemterminal, and trying to promote my own #thoughtfuldailypost movement... it just made sense to join in with you all...

Wonderful people... promoting positive energy... good times my friends!!

We are so glad that you feel comfortable inside our community! After all, that is one of our biggest goals! Keep a weathered eye out for our next community should go hand and hand with your thoughtful daily post!

I love this word -

growing this project to connect the world.

Thank you! You have contributed so much to our community. We really appreciate you!

Thank you! You have contributed so much to our community. We really appreciate you!

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To support your work, I also upvoted your post!

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Love for you grew more and more after reading this post. Hope this community will always be with us. We Love this community. This community is really helpful for us. Many thanks for helping us through the day and night. Of course we are always with you.

Have a great work..! Keep it up dear!!

Thank you so much for your support!

Been enjoying the growth so far and look forward to seeing where this all goes!

Thank you! We are very excited too! Everyday is a new day to make something happen!


May i thank you for this great initiative and the engaging that you both do on the steemisfere

You are very welcome! Thank you for giving us space within your community to really shine!

You are doing a great job. Its always nice to get an IB curator come by. Love that curation image!!!

It's great the hard work you do for the community, we're just getting started in this world of Steem, but we're optimistic and we're sure we can find good people here and we can learn a lot from you, thanks @innerblocks.
Es genial el trabajo duro que ustedes hacen por la comunidad, nosotros apenas estamos comenzando en este mundo de Steem, pero somos optimistas y estamos seguros que podemos hallar aquí gente buena y que podemos aprender mucho de ustedes, gracias @innerblocks

I just stumbled upon innerblocks with @mosunomotunde commenting on my post introducing me to this place... I hope I got the name right.
Looking forward to good times here.