Why I Choose Decaf Coffee

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Coffee is pretty much the most well known drink around the world in some form or another. For years I have enjoyed a fresh, strong, hot cup of coffee. For the last couple of years it has been a little different. I have started drinking Decaffeinated.

I first started drinking coffee when I was a teenager. I remember going to Speedway and mixing up a coffee with some cappuccino powder before going to watch a football game. 

It was a different time for sure. Not only was it a mix of coffee, but it was full of sugar. More than a little bit! This was a regular occurrence until I graduated. As I jumped into adult hood I didn't drink coffee until life got real. When I landed myself a real grown up job.

After having my share of jobs I found myself working a warehousing job, and it was night shift. It was always dark in my life and I was tire alot. That's when it happened...just a sip though...

That turned into years of coffee drinking. I loved to go to a fancy coffee shop and get something that was full of caramel and sugar! When I couldn't get the sugary goodness, I drank it straight black.

When my job changed and I got a supervisor role I didn't need so much coffee to stay awake, but now I just loved it. So I started to focus on the actual flavor and roast of the coffee and not just the function. I even got Stacie D (@freedomtowrite) to enjoy strong black coffee.

Just a couple of years ago I was listening to a video on youtube from a guy named Sadhguru. It was all about how food effects your energy. Some food was positive and some was negative, and it turns out that coffee was a negative. 

It wasn't just that it was negative, but it was about control. The idea that an 8 oz. could dictate how you acted, how you feel, and how you got on with your day. Our bodies are in a constant state of jitter from the coffee. 

I cut out the caffeine and almost immediately noticed a change. I could taste food differently, and I felt like I was more connected to everything around me. That was just after a week. Stacie D noticed that she could see colors brighter.

It didn't take anytime at all to start missing the taste of coffee. Especially on a cool morning. There is nothing like the feeling of a hot cup of coffee when the temps are just right. 

When it was time to find a great coffee, Stacie D started to research decaffeinated coffees and how the it is actually processed. We learned that there were a couple of different ways. The most natural process was Swiss Water Processing. It is not 100%, but it gets the caffeine down to single digits so we don't "feel" it.

We have found a couple of different brands, and the one in the thumbnail is our favorite! Not only do we enjoy this coffee how it is, but we also add a pinch of salt while it is brewing. This cuts the acid and helps it go down smooth.

I know that we all have different habits and different tastes. It is nice to find something that we can still really enjoy without having the side effects. Thanks for checking it out today.

Be well

~The Yeti


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For me it must be “real“ coffee;)

HAHA! Timmies! Coffee for me is about the smell and habit seems it's the exact opposite - but I might give it a try. Go coffee free for a month see how it goes... might, big might. :-) Coffee has never effected my sleep, usually have a cup of joe after super with my son. I take it straight no sugar, no milk (or cream). Good cup of coffee has the nuances of a good wine. Like I said I might cut it for a bit and see... maybe :-)

Haha I like that. A good brew is like a fine wine! For me it was jitters and I felt jacked all the time haha.

I feel that I can't live without coffee.

Thanks for sharing this!

I'm with you on the Decaf I wonder if you still enjoy it with so much sugar? My favourite is a foamy cappuccino with a slight sprinkle of brown sugar for the crunch!

Nope. I tried it with sugar after i started drinking it black...it was too much. I found i loved the strong coffee flavor and the sugar took it away.

Coffee boosts the mood and fights depression but too much of it for me disturbs my sleep. @freedompoint but a decaf will solve that problem so we can enjoy it at sleep time.

Even decaf seems to make you feel good.

I love coffee.... and i love sugar. i take more than enough sugar in my coffee.... some people say that they love black coffee without sugar, and i tried that once, and it felt like the most horrifying thing i have ever tasted.
but too much coffee interrupts my sleep, so i had to bring that down to one large cup every day.... i have never tried decaf, now i think i will

Yeah it kept me up a bit. I could feel it when my heart beat haha

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Thanks for sharing @freedompoint. After reading your article, I said, you really love coffee... I like it light and sweet. I sometimes will drink it caffeinated if I am working a long shift. Just the same, I don't drink it as many people do because of the negative health consequences of too much caffeine.

Light and sweet sounds nice . my wife @freedomtowrite likes it a bit lighter than i do. There is something soothing about strong and black haha