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RE: A new member for THE HOLY STUHL art collection and art museum and added value register. (Update 14.10.2019)

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Fine post, but not so fine to use bought votes.

bid bot abuse @steemflagrewards


Fuck You denunziant !
The Holy Stuhl ist the one and onley Masterpiece ever and ever and ever..., downvote is like censorship bitch! But it doesnt matter, steemit is allready dead but THE HOLY STUHL IS ALIVE !! BUY NOW THS TOKEN AND BE PART OF PARADISE !!!

Yes THE HOLY STUHL !! You Are the greatest ! ! Fuck them All !!

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Thank you for reporting this abuse, @katharsisdrill.

  • bid bot abuse
    You bought votes to increase the rewards of your post above the value of its content.

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Wonderful ! The world is full of denunciators !!! Steemit is dead, accept it !

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