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The Hive

Howdy folks'.
Take a deep breath, we are about to drop in SBD/Steem value. You know this is coming now. so when the price drops a bit this time, Don't panic and stop posting, Keep working on your Blog, remember this is a long term project you have begun.

Charisma Honey Jars1.jpg

Use this time to get out meet new members in different Discord Server's Expand the horizons of your interactions.
As a prelude to the echo of a previous post

I encourage everyone to keep posting and commenting.
Just commenting on others posts, showing interest in what they have posted can open new doors and avenues to explore. These are the unseen treasures of Steemit, so often forgotten. It is in our nature to interact with each other. Don't fight nature, embrace it interact with others. This interaction is what recharges us after we have exhausted our minds on thoughts about what we write.

Keep posting too and leaving comments to other members of the platform. This enables us to vote on you.
For comment voting we are voting below the threshold of a reward. Mention your name in the Dustsweeper channel and I will know I can vote on your comment at a lower % and give a vote to two comments increasing you a penny.

If you do not have @dustsweeper and are interested to learn more, Send a message in Discord and tag me name, or leave a message in the comments section below.

Discord Server: https//

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We have gone through our curation channel ten times since we started. Those early birds have caught ten plus individual votes, Our initial voting was not counted when we started and pieced together our community.

On our Bomb Channel we have given a top promotion of six to our members posts.

We are still growing, so are you during these times. These now these hard times, These are the normal times, the everyday times when its different days with other stuff. I have on previous occasion mentioned we were planting a tree and from the fruit we all could eat. I still believe this to be so, nothing has changed. I think we have a solid base to work from and some supports to it too.

These supports are our Buzzbee vote and our new S.B.I. scheme. At the current time our Buzzbee vote carries a value of 180SP in total.

Our S.B.I. channel is also open and currently has 1.859 Steem available for S.B.I. shares. As I have said so many times and since we began this project, that those who interact most will get the greater rewards, without punishing others. I believe I have kept to that along the way and limited the ability to abuse the system as much as possible.

Our goal should be to trade 1000 or more of these with members, we need another 998 haha, it could be done, as an incentive for members to make use of this promotion. I am thinking after 5 get one free type offer. I will probably have to make an additional channel to keep track of that.
Sixth one comes free, and each set of six gets another. anyone reaching thirty contributions to the S.B.I. scheme through The Hive would benefit to have thirty-seven.
All previous S.B.I. transfer will be counted toward this promotion.

Charisma honeypot.jpg

I am hoping to catch up to two more supporters today, and get them supporting our Buzzbee vote. This should bring Buzzbee over the 200 SP mark, and our overall vote to promotion posts very close to 400 SP, if not slightly above.

Our account SP has grown from 6 to 24.34 That's an extra newbie vote from nowhere.
We can grow in these harder times, We have continue'd you grow over the past couple of week's while Steemit value dropped. If you are in need of a push for something to write about, Come to the Discord server and we can find something suited for you to write on.

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You are welcome to join our Discord Server at

Some other groups I invite you to take a look at are:
The @IFC @Informationfindingchampionship. Discord group:
The @cryptoempire Discord Server:
The @asapers Discord Server:
The @buddyup Discord Server: (
The @steemitramble Discord Server:

The Hive witness vote has been given to
@danielsaori @yehey @pharesim @yabapmatt @steemcommunity
All these witness have come at the recommendation of
Jan23com to the The Hive.
They do not reflect the opinions of individual members of the group or the group as a whole.

hive TY.gif

All the Hive Logo's and Banners graphics are provided exclusively

This account is protected by @dustsweeper


I think a dip is actually a very good thing for some people. I had planned to put 500.00 in next time we got down near 1.00. Unfortunately the family medical emergency not only took me away time wise, but will also require help with medical bills. Now I am looking toward early fall and hope to catch another low in price.
I am sure there are lots of people who will be able to take advantage and power up. With that in mind increasing posting frequency sounds like a very good idea.
Great to see the Hive still buzzing along and growing.

Welcome to a treasure of steemit! Haha.

I do agree that regardless of the volatility downwards, we still maintain content production. Besides, volatility means down then up, right?

The payment is still more than Facebook and Tumblr. Give me Steemit any day.


It comes down to in my mind anyway, do you believe Crypto will remain. If so, How long before Crypto goes mainstream? and how much can you build up before that. Every time we do not so something is a measure we cannot measure we need to catch up.

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That being said...


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