The Hive. Shout Out Post.

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The Hive Shout Out Post

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I have lots of confusing thoughts on how to write this post as I begin to write it. Where to start how to word what it is I am trying to say. The best I cam up with was to just waffle on as I type and try keep the original thought in my mind as I letter forward. The best words I can think to begin this post is to express where it came from and came to materialize.

For as long as I can remember, I have heard talks about the injustice of something.

Why something should not be. It's wrong that they can get away with that. They shouldn't be able to just do that. Someone should do something about that.

I still hear those same things said today. About the same things, for the same reasons by the same and new people. These are the things we all hear each day, about politicians celebrities gone bad, Community rogue leaders, or the neighbour down the road for some reason. I was never at an opportune time to resolve any of those things. Until now that is, now I have found Steemit. I see with Steemit an opportunity to provide a benefit to everyone in the physical world. To this end, came the group, If we can work together to grow each other by use of our Discord Group The Hive we can replicate in the physical world too the same way we built the group and each other up. That is the theory anyway :). So the group is designed to make the change we want to see, Through the provision of a self-funding economy providing investment for similar self-funding projects in the physical world. To try make a change.


Image: 1. Change.

It is an ambitious goal from the small seed we have began to nurture. Which will bring me to the first Shout Out, @simplymike is as much a reason this group formed as any other. I was at the cash out my chips point, I will never be able make a go of this. The growth is too slow, All the negative things people see at times in Steemit, The bots people just buying votes, some getting flagged for using a bot. How can I compete with a picture of a flower gets paid $40 and I put hours into a post and get nothing. I had seen picture's that appeared to have been cropped from online somewhere and gaining massive rewards. It appeared so much investment would be needed for a chance of anything to happen. @simplymike happen-stance upon one of my posts and a spark of this can work flashed. Lights began to burn and the Steemit platform began to look like a brighter place.

@simplymike Brought me over to the #Newbieresteemday group in Discord I got to advertise my posts. Some people came and voted on my posts. I got resteemed, My rewards did not jump to the $40 mark they still do not. But they did increase. I was actually making money sharing my opinion and talking with others, O.K. it was only pennies but it was profit in a manner. Somewhere, between meeting @simplymike and joining the #newbieresteemday group I came across @davemccoy Inspirational fellow, if i was twice the person I am I would not be half of the good deeds I have seen him do. My first comment to @davemccoy I think was, "I'm gonna keep an eye on you, you are one to watch" or something very similar. I was right and just recently he showed up with the @dustsweeper . If you are a newbie, You need to check out this profile on Steemit @dustsweeper


Dustsweeper is like a vote topper upper. If your comment or post has been voted on and remains below the payout threshold on day 6, the @dustsweeper will vote on you to bring it to a payout level

3 other groups I enjoyed were #IFC or #InformationFindingChampionship @asapers and The Crypto Empire Discord group These groups are run by @apolymask for the IFC, @insideoutlet @shai-hulud and @lynncoyle1 for ASAPers, @spiritualmax for The Crypto Empire.

Each group has their own Discord group and each group works under different guidelines. Please be sure to read pinned messages to gain an understanding of how each group works.

Link to Newbieresteemday Discord group
Link to IFC Discord group
Link to ASAPers Discord group
Link to Crypto Empire Discord group

Each group proved to be very beneficial to myself both in increased rewards I gained from Steemit and the knowledge I learn from talking with the members, The smiles shared are the bonus, and I have developed some friendships in those groups I would like to see grow and survive too.

The group is made up at the start from members from those 4 groups. These people were the group will grow from and has already began to grow from. Our membership doubled at the present time with more arrivals expected. I guess the shoulders we will all walk upon in the group are:

@amariespeaks @apolymask @bashadow @bifilarcoil @sames @BeeYou @charisma777 @davemccoy @dawnsheree @doomsdaychassis @eonwarped @foxyspirit @jan23com
@jbreheny @leighleigh @lynncoyle1 @simplymike @warpedpoetic @youhavewings @underground

These members have shared their vote kindly to begin growing the groups strength. More of us gain from their generosity of a vote than we will give back to them. It is that generosity of spirit I would like to emulate through the group. Be it through delegation or membership, the sharing of votes information or just general chat. The group would not exist without all of the above. Without them we would not have the ingredients to begin cooking up this potion of togetherness.

So that's the why of the group how it came to be formed in Steemit and who held an influence in the decisions to make the group in one manner or another.

A Shoutout again to @charisma777 who has given up countless time to generate our new logo's banners and tags for the comments. Also providing tremendous moral support in the background no one will ever see. Thank you @charisma777

I would also like to welcome all the new members we have gained over the week and welcome you all to the group. Your opinion on anything and everything is valued, I hope we can work together and assist each other and all members grow together.
If you are not yet a member of The Hive Join our Discord channel
I Discord is not your thing, you can also follow our curation trail at Click the curation tab and search for "thehiv" no e at the end.

All The Hive logo and banner and @dustsweeper graphic images are provided by @charisma777

Image 1 Change


good going all of you

yes we can do this I am already starting to grow slowly

getting this 1st 15 steem is the hardest part

I am over the 200 mark double what i started with

818 almost at the full ha i cant remember steem the full steem had to go check.1 full steem here i come

you should of told us about this sooner haha

we will grow combining our resources like family

We will all even out in the end I think. that is my understanding

lol you lot dont go off the rails driving this train too fast

How long could we make one of these chat chains

dont take us with you

With you on that. before we retire though?

If we can work together to grow each other by use of our Discord Group The Hive we can replicate in the physical world too the same way we built the group and each other up.

AMEN! Your inspiration for the group is spot on and I look forward to watching it grow, along with myself and all the members!
Thank you @thehive! BOOM!

Thank you we are already taking baby steps

Congratulations you have been upvoted and resteemed as part of #newbieresteemday's top 10 posts for the day! We invite you to use our tag to connect with more of our members. To learn more: Come Join Us!!! (Newbie Resteem Initiative)

Keep up the great work!

Nice shout out post. With support we will all grow, and it looks like we are beginning to grow, so that is good also. And the logos and banners that @charisma777 created are great for the theme and name.

I thought maybe a bit of pre history to the group. Might show more of my idea for the group and what it may become might be a good thought to share along with those who directly or indirectly encouraged me to stay and begin the group.

And it is a good reference post for what happens in the future.

I am glad to see it all taking off. I know you put a lot of effort into making it into what you dreamed it would be.

Lots more effort and lots more dreaming still t do.

you forgot a big piece. lynncoyle1 who actually brought some mentioned to this place

Howdy, Thank you for taking the time to comment. In the above article and the names mentioned with regards to The Hive group, the names mentioned as a shout out were to those of whom had influence on my own thoughts. It was not my intention to miss anyone who has had an influence in my decision to have this group become a reality. Names listed above are those who are in the group at the moment, I can only ask my error to be excused while I rectify this by editing the post. while I do not have personal experience of Lynn pushing this group. The few times I have had the opportunity to interact with Lynn ave all been of a positive nature, Her conversations with myself have also had an influence in some parts. I have corrected this to my ability, Once again ask to be excused for my oversight of not looking to outside of the immediate group for people to mention.

I am sorry. miss understood lol...all good my friend

No need to be sorry. I did not take what was said in any negative way.

P.S. You are welcome to come have a look at our group and see what we are about,

Your project seems to be coming together nicely. :) Good work man! I hope in time thehive becomes a powerful force for positive change in the world. :D Also, thanks for the shoutout as well! Cheers.

Yup it is starting to gain some ground :) I am happy with the progress, The shout out is well deserved Yourself The IFC played a big part in this group being formed.

@thehive This group already has legs and is made up of a beautiful community of people. I already told you this, but I'm amazed at how quickly this idea came to fruition and how expansive and well-thought of each point and phase is as well as its quick growth.

@charisma777 - BEAUTIFUL job on all the graphics!

Busy bees! ;)

Just incase you have not noticed,
one thing seems to have slipped your mind,
and i do not mean to patronise you about this
If you look a little closer, You are going to find,
You are part of the reason. we are able to build like this.

I do know it's a 'WE' thing and that is why I am so inspired and happy to support such a project. But it was your dream seed that sprouted with lots of hard work and believing in it. Now I'm a believer, too ;)

A tree is a mere trunk without the branches to hold the leaves :)

What would the leaves be without the trunk to nourish the leaves? LOL Let's write a poem!

If you should be happening to read this whilst wondering what the Buzz is all about...

Come join thehive and see for yourself. Here you will find an incredibly supportive group of Steemians who know and understand only too well the struggles of the early days. If you languish in obscurity and toil in anonymity, this is your haven.

There is a better way...

Just by being around this vibrant community you will benefit in oh-so-many ways. If you are a member of Discord you will get the most juice from your involvement as the incredibly active hivechat is a resource that informs in a wide variety of ways. Have a question? Drop it in the hive-chat and it won't stay unanswered for long. There are some incredibly experienced Steemians here and some brand new, enthusiastic, excited, wide eyed newbies looking for connections that are mutually beneficial going forward.

Are you sick and tired of the mutual backscratching that goes on within the blockchain and with being botted out of every equation? Look no further the answer is at hand. I cannot recommend joining strongly enough.

Come for the honey...Stay for the community :D