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The Hive An opinion into, None of my Business

Howdy folks'.

I don't get many comments to these post's. I know it does have some readers as I do get some comments'. I know people have other things to do The Hive was is born from my mind and shared. I know that everything I say does not mean all of you agree on everything and I write a personal opinion when I write under the group name. Any of my opinions I invite you to ask me to recall them if you disagree. I will defend my opinion and try to turn yours too. So, be open to discussion on your point of view, I do not mind to debate in a DM if you do not feel comfortable talking in the group chat.

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Something happened today on the way home from the fair. I heard a group of people talking as a walked a step behind. Some may accuse me of ear-wigging or eaves dropping. I know not of whom they spoke though. The volume at which they spoke, eavesdropping on them I could not be accused of. They were drawing attention from across the street.

They were talking about some kind of wrong someone had done. From what I can gather.all agreed that what was done was wrong. They were all passionate about expressing this too. The disbelief that someone would abuse the position they had being entrusted with. To do it in such a manner was despicable I heard one firmly state a few times and denounce the person of discussion. Each time one said something the second third or fourth would echo the sentiment in an echo of what they had said previous echoing themselves in the process.

There was like a need to talk about this person, this thing that had happened. One of the group, is now being targeted by the culprit. The lady in question has garden gnomes. quite a collection I found out as I went out of my way to follow them home to hear the rest of the story. one offered to buy me new shoe laces the amount of times I stopped to tie them. Okay I wasn't eavesdropping I was just enjoying the walk and it took me that way they just happened to be going, I became interested. I will create a distinct difference between the two if needed.

Did you know these gnomes have names. I mean real names as the type of gnome. People order these gnomes from a catalogue by name. I looked in her garden and all that was there was clay shards, This woman had spent many a saved penny building up a collection of gnomes.
She had spoken out publicly about this person who had done wrong. She was now being hit out at for highlighting the wrongs of a community member.

I reached to my pocket a couple of pennies all I had to support. My head hung low I walked my way home wishing I had not followed to hear the story. There is nothing in place to support this woman. Everyone agree's with her the actions of another were wrong. They do not want that type of behaviour around their family or community. Those who have the power to make a difference to this matter seem indifferent. These same people call out to us to support their projects. Some of us will follow along blindly, while they turn a bind eye to the evils that creep into affairs outside of their circle.

Those who will support this type of bullying by supplying votes to this source of wrong, open the door's to involvement and or participation. The use of it being an automated vote can no longer be used as you are aware after the first time this is brought to your attention. It is your choice then to continue to support an automated system that does not block content you disagree with or members you do not support the actions of.

If your community is under threat, because it is one street over do you turn a blind eye?
Cowboy up and keep the community clean.

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it is something each person needs to decide for themselves. Several months ago, I think in November last year, I noticed two whale size votes on a stolen picture, I notified both people. One removed and down voted. One replied I like cats, the vote stands. His pleasure came first. There is nothing wrong with that, there are people all walks of life that will buy stolen goods. They see nothing wrong with it since they did not do the stealing. I can't remember if I muted the person, or just moved on. I likely muted but can not be sure, since I was still pretty new to steemit then. The other person, was very nice about it, and I still on occasion get a fairly good vote from them.

We can try to change people, but it rarely works. We can point out the error of their ways, but if they do not see it as an error, nothing with-in them will change.

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Beautifully stated sentiment, and an engaging way in which to express it! Bravo for this creative and classy piece of writing, and a good reminder to help the folks on that one-street-over!

Thank you, We have a long way to go, to build a community that genuinely cares unfortunately

It is a sad story, for sure standing up and speaking out against those that would do wrong will quite often make you the target of the wrongdoers. And it should be how the community responds back, to protect the good amongst them.

Something for us all to remember in this one.

#thealliance #witness

Yes, we have still to reach that point where the strong look out for the weak in this manner though. We can get there though.