The Hive. Got to Bee Flying

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The Hive Got to Bee Flying

Howdy folks'.

Time to get bizzy flapping my wings and collecting some pollen. We should call this
saving the people from hay fever

Without us collecting all the pollen, too many humans would fall down with snizzles and drips of goo. The world as they know would collapse in on itself, it's up to us to save the humans.

We got advertised as a post to read too on our post,
By the witness @yehey

It is a real Buzz feeling something you have put some thought into has being read.

The Hive's Honey Jara.jpg

To do this we are going to reduce the pollen from the Steemit flower. In order to pull an extra couple of cents in per day I am going to try post 1.5 to 2 times per day. This will generate next to nothing but a small growth of a couple of pennies,
I do love pennies though. Any penny votes you might have, Share them here with an avid penny lover. I promise to keep them shiny.

Some may have The Hive set to follow on an automated system. The amount of votes you use will slightly increase. You may want to limit the votes in your auto-voting settings.
Truth is folks', these are the good times. I think I have said this before, though that might of being in a chat room. right now is the good times, ahead is the better times.

Charisma honeypot.jpg

The S.B.I we have right now and the vote from Buzzbee bring us in a 0.06c reward this will increase next week to 10c or close when the new S.B.I contributions go through. We have an additional 17 S.B.I. contributions pending. This does not include any additional vote members or passers by provide. A vote to this or any of The Hive posts is optional to all members and voting to The Hive is never obligatory. This is an effort to grab an extra penny from another source and bring all the pennies together. It does work out to over 14 SP over a year, Pulling in 14 SP over a year from a few different sources. The Maths work out okay to me on future benefits.

A couple of additional promotion vote will be purchased. and I expect the minimal reward to be 0.25c - 0.30c. If I have this correct this should grow our SP by 0.09c - 11.25c per day from the additional post. an extra 10 post is an extra 1 Steem. Maths works again for me.

Less people posting means some votes have to go somewhere else, or at the very least can do. In our own group two members have not being posting regular. Can but skip over and move to the next active user. There is also a bit less competition for a piece of the pie, The doors are open to grandma's kitchen and so many do not want pie.

Make a Diff banner.jpg

You are welcome to join our Discord Server at

Some other groups I invite you to take a look at are:
The @IFC @Informationfindingchampionship. Discord group:
The @cryptoempire Discord Server:
The @asapers Discord Server:
The @buddyup Discord Server: (
The @steemitramble Discord Server:

The Hive witness vote has been given to
@danielsaori @yehey @pharesim @yabapmatt @steemcommunity
All these witness have come at the recommendation of
Jan23com to the The Hive.
They do not reflect the opinions of individual members of the group or the group as a whole.

hive TY.gif

All the Hive Logo's and Banners graphics are provided exclusively

This account is protected by @dustsweeper


I like pie, I just need to get my butt in gear and do a few more post.

If we are the only two who like pie, we are going to need a pie shop to use up the excess.

The account builds with every vote, people will come to realize that the more SP the more and bigger the vote, and the more effect it has on their own REP.

This post has received a 20.00% UpGoat from @shares. Send at least 0.1 SBD to @shares with a post link in the memo field.

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Support my owner. Please vote @Yehey as Witness - simply click and vote.

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Have a lovely day.
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