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Howdy folk's.
I'd like to share an opinion on votes on curation trails. Voting with a 20% value when your Steem Power is low will bring 0 rewards to you, It is the same as voting with 3% of 15 Steem power, Voting at a higher value on less curations provides a greater opportunity for rewards.

Curation Trails
Curation trails are something many newbies get caught up in. It is an easy thing to get involved with and it is by encouragement from others around or advice on it being one of the best trails to follow. This is true if you are receiving the vote. The rewards for the curation trail is 25% of the reward, A newbie with a voting power of 15 delegated SP is not gaining anything by following a curation trail that votes on many posts, Voting with anything less than 100% when you are new is fruitless in an effort to gain curation rewards.

Yes, The Hive group offers a small curation trail too. We do advise to only vote on one of our posts though with that and as they grow they can lower and use the % but I explain that reducing that % reduces the chance of a reward on a trail.

On curation trails, more often a large vote is placed on a post and many lower level votes follow. From our beginning, we have designed our Honey Bomb Trail to reward in curation by having the larger vote to the post come later. This provides greater opportunities and a higher reward to the followers of the trail.

We planned out this strategy from the start, Our method of growing is based around providing the best rewards we can get for our members. Growing you is what will grow the group. So growing you is what we aim to do.
This does not mean it will be an easy ride for you, there are no freebies. Participation in The Hive promotion is required to gain these votes on your post along with additional votes we provide. More to come.

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Quality of a posts content will begin to be looked at. At the moment I am not too concerned with perfection and in the future perfection is not going to be a requirement, We will though increase our standards as the reward levels rise, Anyone feeling they need assistance with their posts, I invite to ask questions about improving their post, I will do all I can to assist and help your post and growth. We have guidelines, We are also flexible with members and their ability to interact. One glove does not fit all.

You can read more about The Hive @thehive or join our discord channel to get involved,

Charisma honeypot.jpg

Some other groups I invite you to take a look at are:
The @IFC @Informationfindingchampionship. Discord group:
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They do not reflect the opinions of individual members of the group or the group as a whole.


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man you get up way too early

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that is the code to do that. I have decided to try using it in my comments to let people know I have a dustsweeper account, and that if they only have a small vote, they will still get a curation reward because dustsweeper picks those votes up.

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Love your comment protected notice!! It would be great if everyone started to use that.

It would certainly alert small voters, that yes, I can vote and get my curation reward even if no one else votes.

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He posts just before he goes to bed

Thank you, @thehive. You were the only one that clearly explained to me about voting power and voting value, and also following a curation trail. Thank you for your grace as well. All the best! I resteemed this post for future reference, too.

Thank you
Anything else we might be able to assist with just ask :)
I hope you have @dustsweeper too :)

this kinda post is helpful for newbies like me!

Thank you, Have a peek at some of our other posts or drop by our discord server, if you have any other questions you might like answered,

For the last week, maybe slightly longer, I have had to up my vote to 30% to stay at the $0.02 level. I use 30% when voting on comments, on a post if it has a payable reward I drop back to a 20-25% level, as I know the vote will not be burned in a dust up. On contest thingies like the steemboard, my vote is almost always at the 20% level, this allows me to still get to a good amount of people with a payable reward. If we knew everyone had a dustsweeper account then the lower vote would be no real problem, as it would be taken care of by dustsweeper. But we don't know.

If it takes increasing the vote level to be sure it does not get burned up as dust, then best to do that than have the votes go up in smoke that are passed out.

If anyone is interested, yes I do have an @dustsweeper account, and yes I have to keep replenishing my account, and yes it is worth it, for me and for you. If you vote on a comment I make on your post, I will get rewarded, and you will get your curation reward. If you have a dustsweeper account you will get rewarded for those once burned up penny votes, yes you will need to replenish or top up your account, but it is worth it.

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For some reason my comment went on @caoimhin comment instead of yours.
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Will be adding it to the group posts too.

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