The Hive Beginnings. Part 1.

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The Hive Beginnings. Part 1.

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The shout-out Post got a nice positive verbal response. It also opened up some questions and observations. @bashadow mentioned at one point in a conversation.

And it is a good reference post for what happens in the future.

Which is part of the reason for this post. To expand on where I see the potential of the group taking us over time. The initial ground work is self explanatory to those in the group at the moment, I would like to give the ambition I see us being able to reach.
Another thing brought up, was a white-paper and from my limited understanding of all these things. I am guessing is a dividends divide and a basic layout of how the group runs, any plans it has for the future. If I have this wrong, Please feel free to tell me so in the comments below.

On both of these things, the direction and the white paper, This post in intended to address those in a manner.

Those who are in the group have a good idea on how things work. I see it as a inter-acting community of vote recycling, where the votes you share with the group or individuals of the group also continue to reward you by votes given to you. Each vote shared gets returned to you a little stronger. Now this whole thing gets a little messy when we start to look into the vote value and the vote strength in relation to vote % voted at compared to the current value. I am already beginning to confuse myself here.
This part could see a few members leave as some negative thoughts creep in of the possibilities % growth and the time needed to grow. What we are is about possibilities and %'s. We are a group of lower level value votes working together so all the small votes add up to a dollar.

So here is the breakdown, and the mountain we need to climb. We want to grow the group by 100 x factor This gets us just about into the playing fields. Ambitious eh!

The Income Breakdown.

For this I am going to go to the very basics and not list the current prices of value to Steemit or what Steem is valued at. Everything is based on 1 Steem have a value of 1 USD The variation to this in the real world can explored to an infinity with rising and lowering of the market value.
To this, A vote sent to a post when the user has 100 SP and is voting at 100% will give a reward value of 0.02c I am going to base these calculations of that. For every 50 VP we have it is a 0.01c increase in the reward we can give.
Encouragement note: We have had an increase of 1% in our first week, We have gave out over 100 vote at an average of 0.03c also have increased some posts payouts by some cents too. This also means there is a return value of that strength given back. These do not seem like much on an individual vote but together they mean growth to the group. This grows with every vote.
Each 1 SBD gained by any of the group returns a 0.02 of 1c value to their vote. This is small encouragement. But this amount will grow each 1 SBD gained. So yes even those penny votes or even those 0.01 votes or less are valuable to us. Every member plays a part in all of us gaining some strength.
That is the vote rewards in general for Steemit, variations happen with the up or down value fluctuations.

Where does Jan23com fit into this. The process of the growth came from Jan23com (myself). I see the possibilities here to create a level of income for myself when the group grows. We have all seen how easier it is to grow along with the support of another. Through our interactions on the platform or outside in the physical world. Concentrating that working together in a group will give the group a greater potential to grow. For an income I would like to be able to receive the group will build to an average income over 1.2K SBD per week this could provide myself with a labour remuneration of 250. By that time I expect there to be others involved in the group and that amount would also need to contribute something to reward the efforts of others in the group. Am I ambitious, I have not reached my ambitious points yet. But above is my personal goal, to try achieve an income.

For the group, I believe there is greater potential. I would like on reaching those levels to also use some of the rewards to go toward physical world projects which can be organised in the same manner as the group. These projects, I would like to see reward those of The Hive group. Creating a passive income for some employment opportunities both in the group on Steemit and in the physical world. How can you gain from these physical world activities. Your votes, your votes here in Steemit. To avoid the use of a big hammerhead coming in with a big vote to purchase a dividend. This is not so hard to do, We have the block-chain, Our History is there, we or more so can hire someone to go through the chain and any votes the group got, Those names that are members of the discord group, can each receive a reward dividend. This will not rely on your VP but the amount of votes you shared. (agreed tiers can be worked out) Remember this is about change, A vote higher than the votes of others is what will grow us quicker. We are about making things better for everyone though, not about creating a position the same as Steemit now where you voice is denied by the weight of your vote. There are many methods and complications to all of them how to balance this reward. As a group we will need to discuss this in a much greater detail in time. Per vote I think works best in a manner that those who were here longer, in theory should have past more votes to the group. What these projects are I already have in mind. These can also be discussed at a later time. This group succeeding, will mean that it can be done. We will be the ones doing so.

The Hive Growing

We have already begun to grow, from the first vote given and received we began to grow. Ever so slightly maybe, but we grew, then we grew a bit more, and a tiny bit more eventually it became we grew a %, That % we grew helps us grow a little bit faster and those around us a little faster too. This is the very start of the project, The penny pinching stage, were I search down the side of the chair cushions for an extra penny. At 67 Discord members And I know not all are involved directly Some are just casing The Hive out, all our votes are not at great levels. We are working together and we all are gaining some growth. This is compound growth returned. Growing each other grows ourselves too. This has being a solid foundation we set down to build upon.

With growth comes the ability to share votes out among members at a faster pace, Other Channels can be added with names to vote through, Giving a higher frequency of reward and sometimes rewards over lapping to posts and comments providing an extra boost to members at times, We have in effect two of these going now with The Hive Bomb and The Hive Trail Before for vote are distributed we would like to reach a reward level of 0.05c This would be our first target goal. After this point, I see right now as reaching a VP level of 250. we will begin to adjust the reward for the curation trail list. Freeing up votes to share with other members, The 3 Hive Bomb posts will still receive a 100% vote. I see in the group a possibility down the road to be employed and provide a passive income to those who provided my employment.

How it is done.

We work from 3 primary channels in our Discord group. These 3 channels are,
1 The Hive Bomb channel
2 100 vote channel
3 Curation channel
(we plan to introduce other channels in the future to assist in more frequent rewards)

The Hive bomb channel displays 3 posts per day to the group. These are the post the group would like members to vote on that day. These 3 posts are taken from our members posts and are selected in order of name appearance in the 100 vote channel
100 Vote Channel
Members are requested to Display their profile page on Steemit These names are selected in rotation of order of appearance to be used in The Hive Bomb promotions. Members who vote on all three posts are requested to place their name also in the curation trail channel.
Curation Trail Channel
Member who have selected to automate their vote or vote manually on the 3 posts in The Hive Bomb channel are requested to list their name here also. This list also gains a vote in rotation of the sequence of names listed.

Advice on other areas of Steemit are also available just by asking questions in our Discord Channel

We are not a get rich quick group and we do require your interactions to allow us to reward you.

This is where we are right now, 67 Members, 155 VP 10 days old and climbing this ladder.
This is the best way I feel I can define the group.
I Hope I answered some of the questions brought up about the group. I hope even more so, that you have more. Leave any questions you may have in the comments or contact us through our discord group.

Anyone out there not reading this post get your friend to link you. Get on board
This ship is setting sail and we when we come in we will have your ticket ready at the airport. The Group is a variety of individuals from everywhere. We are not genre in any form. We all believe we can grow better together. I invite you to come join us in our Discord group and join our promotion to assist your growth.

The road is always longest when you look straight ahead, Take the time to enjoy the scenery along the way (posts) And the journey is both more enjoyable and shorter in the mind.
Bee trail comment.jpg

All graphic illustration are provided by @charisma777


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every post like that is where we want to get I guess?

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you have only been doing this a month?

well almost 2 now I guess

in two year tine it will make the difference

I wonder where we will be in a year

oh mr crypto prospectus lol

I just follow you guys around haha

The easiest way Lisa I am doing the same

omg! i cant keep track of the convo or the site

2 yr tine?


hmm we are late to the game is half time show done yet?

Garden party today?

@kryptocek this may better answer your question!!!

Growing a community while growing our friendzzz!!! 🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝

Thank you just seen it now will look over it!

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Hi @thehive! I'm not sure I totally understand. Is the idea that there is a Discord group, and everyone joins, and then three people are randomly chosen per day to be upvoted by everyone + @thehive account via a curation trail, and whoever has confirmed that they voted is given a chance to win the next one?

Can I invite you over to take a look, Or if you hit me a DM in discord Jan23com is my A.K.A. and is in more rooms then the hive name.
Https:// is our discord group. and would be much easier to talk there my bad I missed the / in the addy soz

You got it 🙂

This is a wonderful thing you have started! It is so nice to see others giving back to the community.

You are welcome to come over have a look see what we are doing, I think you would see what we are doing pretty easy :). You are welcome to come look, and we can answer any questions you may have.
hah, a link would be handy eh?

This sounds like a well-thought plan. GOOD LUCK with your initiative!


you are welcome to come join us and have a look see if we might be able to benefit each other.

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