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Howdy folks'.

An interesting day today, Over at the Steemit Ramble server. I got an invite to another community group on Discord from @enginewitty and @eaglespirit Being the nosey feck I am I accepted off course. Clicked the link and into the deep end I went. They say the early worm gets the fish.

Clusterfuk on the timing of shows is rampant. too many are going into competition with each other for an audience. I have seen people jumping from one server to another while two shows are going on, for the chance to win a prize from each, which is given out as part of an attendee reward.

Continuing with the Discord server's. The invitation offered in all Servers to vote for a witness is understandable to give visibility of the witness supporting or supported by the community. We are told who a witness is, they do good stuff for the community, maybe a project they are involved in. They are pushed to get a witness vote. Peer pressure to vote for a witness. I hear then see not what a witness does.

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The MinnowBoobCamp I am strictly attending the server out of expanding the visibility of our own community and the possibility of interactions. Not wanting to judge the cover by the book and trying to remain open to all communities. There will be a show hosted there by Eagle Spirit, @underground and @sapphic will be interviewed on the show. Hope I am around for the everyone tag when they announce the start of the show.

EagleSpirit is active in many communities throughout the Steemit platform and Discord servers. I do not have many interactions with her myself. Though I do see her participating in quite a few.

I do not know too much about this new show, I will be attending to find out more though.

If you click the Discord link above it will take you to the Minnow Boot Camp.

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A problem I am beginning to find with Discord shows, many new shows are taking the same time slot as others already use. For 22 hours of the day, there are no other shows going on. The puzzling thing with this to me, is those setting up the new shows know the time of the original show that took place at that time. I can't go and show a visitor support to all the shows that now take place at the same time. I will stick with the shows I attended first. Not all shows I attend are promotion shows, some shows are just chatting or interactions with other communities.

The community is shouted out so often, why are so many communities competing against each other. To me it seems counter-productive. There are many servers out there, and many people in different time zones. Why not offer a show to suit different time zones?

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With the witness stuff, okay I have heard a witness has no obligation other than to do a specific job on the block-chain. Simply to track and record actions on the block-chain.

When I hear, a witness does this or a witness does that. Let's go support them, it leaves me wondering. How many others are out there doing good things but do not get support as they are not a witness. I hear the rewards the top witness gets. more than a decent weekly wage, I expect there are some costs involved that get taken out from the reward. Things like the energy supply needed to run the Node, replacement parts and time consumed by the operation of the Node. I have not been behind those doors to know what goes on there.

One thing also said about the top witness, if all the minnows plankton and dolphins all voted to the same witness it would still not get them to the top 20.

So far, I see voting for a witness will do nothing for me. The witness I vote for only has the obligation of keeping the Node running. For that throw anyone in there. It makes no difference to me. Once they are there, the obligations change it seems. If a witness is telling me about the things they do for community in an effort to gain a vote to their witness. I see it no different to a politician canvassing for a vote. To this I see the exact same thing. Once the vote is gained, there is little reason to talk to that person.

The reality is, the same systems of control are being enforced here in Steemit on the block-chain are being adopted from the systems people say they want to break.

An opportunity to make changes that can have positive effects on the lives of billions is being missed due to the human nature of greed.

I am not against, I am for change.

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You are welcome to join our Discord Server at

Some other groups I invite you to take a look at are:
The @IFC Discord group:
The @cryptoempire Discord Server:
The @asapers Discord Server:
The @buddyup Discord Server:
The @steemitramble Discord Server:

The Hive witness vote has been given to
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Jan you are awesome to write this, speak about the show and @underground and @sapphic. This is juts a test run for a show I will be doing in the future. Getting my feet wet , but not necessarily within this group. The MBC is run by Underground. A lot of what you say is true, which is why Shadows I believe has a Witness Talk to get to know the witnesses and the show Im doing next friday will be at 3pm MDT.

An official post will be made with all the details. The show will be to win some SBI by answering general questions about Underground and Sapphic. Also they’ll be talking about what they bring to the platform and years of experience. For instance Sapphic brings over 30 years if IT and Programming along with her current projects that are helping Steemit.

A lot of changes have taken place with many witnesses coming off the list but here is a series you might find interesting regarding witnesses.
There are many blogs that people write about their research and recommendations about each witness.

Thank you again for your thought provoking post and spending time understanding Steemit. I will be looking at that link I posted above too!




I will refrain from from asking questions. The questions I have are too political. I will be there though, I do want to hear what they say.

My opinion is all the changes change nothing and things will still remain the same. All the changes are superficial.

Maybe I just do not see what is there in front of me, or maybe I see the underlying mechanics which is the same as what is already there. Maybe I am just too focused on my own possible goals.

I do not know much about Underground and even less about Sapphic. I will be there to listen and learn.


I'm happy to have a one on one with you via dm or voice about witnesses and being a witness.

How far down the rabbit hole do you want to go? :)

PS happy to talk with your community as well and I promise I won't ask for a witness vote. :)

Discord: Sapphic [witness]#0001


Any time you would like an alternative view. I am more often sure I can provide that.
Everything has another level depending on the viewpoint. You are welcome to come to The Hive server on discord. The audience to the most part is shy and reserved. (busy with other stuff,servers.)

Warning on talking with me, I can debate for hours.

I do have a good handle on what a witness is required to do on running the Node. The votes that put them there I believe is ignored for self benefit. Translating in my mind to community effort for the benefit of one.


@thehive ok, we shall meet next friday at dawn. have your pistols ready ... and a second. bwahahaahh xxooxx

You make some very good points, most of which I have also found to be true. By design, the #1 JOB of a "witness" is to be a "miner" but with the added popularity contest of the voting. As far as that goes, I believe the Top 20 at some point will become the Top 50 or 100. But it's still the same game.

Up to this point, I have seen many people (usually newer, smaller accounts) complaining "Why don't the Witnesses" DO SOMETHING... and usually "About Steemit"... Good Question! Except Steemit is just a U.I. (user interface) for STEEM. Witnesses work the Steem Block Chain. (I know you know this Jan, but I am setting something up.) So we have these "witnesses" that process steem transactions and blockchain entries. That is their #1 job. BUT, as many are now DEMANDING of Witnesses, they want to see us guide the development of not only the "physical platform(s) but also some "Societal Evolution". This is what I hope to start bringing to STEEM. I am a Steemit Dolphin (BFD, I know LOL!) which means I have "achieved" a certain level of being invested in Steem, but using the Steemit UI and purchasing Steem, powering up and using/converting SBD.

One of my major aims is to get more "Mid Level Activism" and we (Eagle and myself) started the Dolphin Council. It is a project to bring together "middle class invested" Steemians who are good liaisons between their small fry friends and the Orca/Whale friends. This scope for the Dolphin Council has been enlarged to include witnesses that have shown a similar positive social awareness. Not sure you were aware of the "council", but it is still small, but growing. No rush to make it artificially large, we want Dedication to the stated goals first and foremost...

So, as a Witness Team, it shakes out like this: @sapphic is clearly the Tech Guru, and currently has all the bases covered. Plus a clear plan for every possible upgrade to be executed in advance of the actual need to upgrade. We are already matching specs for a top 50 witness as far as I can tell, while still at #125. Our block production rate has already more than doubled from when I joined. Steady as she goes!

My main tasks are the Social Structures end of things. But we are both going to overlap Heavily. The aforementioned Dolphin Council is just a part of these plans, but the overlap between the council and the witness will be large.

You will be most welcome at the interview/meeting/game that the Eagle is setting up. I really hope you hold our feet to the fire, the tough questions are the ones that need addressed. I can tell you this, the very nature of the Anarcho-Capitalistic System calls for greater social activism, as opposed to more draconian enforcement of blanket policies. AN-CAP will be my own personal guiding light... But these required "Social Solutions" will be noted and recorded. The (or "a") Council is what we need, to guide and steer, as opposed to a "central solution" like a government would IMPOSE.


The possibilities of those solutions are already here. Creating awareness of them and gaining support for them is still to come.

Much of what you said hits on the edge of equality. Something which is a goal I have set, maybe beyond my reach. Equality Entitlement.


Your level of awareness is very high. We are "entitled to equality" but it never comes on a silver platter. We must go Grab It!


It is possible, but enforced only at the "lowest common denominator".
A song by RUSH called "The Trees" in the last line, describes it succinctly:

"and the trees were all kept equal, by hatchet, axe and saw..."

Source: Neil Peart

I am not against, I am for change. - - I just wish more people that talk about change would actually do something to make things change. Steemit platform has great opportunity to actually make change, but like you said in your post most of the change seems to be to bring current political atmosphere into the steemit community.


wait for the next one, I'm throwing a spanner


Sometimes a sabot needs to be thrown.


Or a flaming torch. 😉

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