Time Travel. Part 2.

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Time Travel, Freedom of time.

This post is written for @Smylie2005 who requested the second chapter. Now I will have to figure out how to kill our heroes. If you didn't have that smile I would have said no way. I hope this relieves the leave you hanging like that part.

A follow up short story to an entry to an #IFC contest. My entry can be seen HERE! It is a time travel story. Where I take on the role of travelling back to man's first quest for more knowledge. Read ing the 1st part will give a background and understanding of this post.

We arrived 800 days ago exactly today Laura has suggested we keep a blog on one of the laptops. and begin to write in it every month. We will each write our own diary of our experiences and leave them for history to find. My diary Entry one I guess. When the solar panels eventually wear out or the batteries no longer charge, to bury them in a container for them to be found by later civilizations. That girl is so deviously funny. We began our new life in our new world. Things are looking good :) Sheree is expecting, I keep asking her how to no avail. Laura is becoming a doctor, he is reading medical book after medical book, I have no idea how she takes all that information in.


Sheree argues we should have brought a washing machine instead of laptops. (I seem to do most of the laundry somehow). Laura said we should have brought a toilet. Life is much harder work then you would have thought. picking fruit from trees. No, it is not like that at all. There are seasonal fruits, and we have planted some apple, lime, orange and a small grape-vine. Laura our master gardener says it will be a couple more years before we can eat them fresh. An exception to the grapes. Oh and I am not allowed the strawberries cause I am a man, We know now where sexism started.
Our vegetables are doing fine too, although I am sure this is not the best soil for growing potatoes. Very fibery, Maybe it is the type of potato, but you get strings of potato in the middle of a boiled potato. We do not yet grow enough food for the full year but the seasonal fruit and the available meat supply certain help.
Meat is actually easy enough to come by and by my ingenious fluke of not knowing what I was doing I created a funnel type trap. We have fresh rabbit type meat on a regular basis.


Life is hard, but its an easy hard life, We have had some adventures. It appears Sheree is the quick thinking when it comes to an emergency, It is also the first time we thought we had one. HAHA! When Laura came screaming through those trees. I was running toward,,, Let me back-track here a bit.
For the first couple of months, we went everywhere as 3. If one was leaving our camp we all did. Then Laura was saying she can go by herself it's only to the stream. A good 10 min walk, a track is getting worn as we take the same trail on a daily trip.
Laura heads off to her do her morning routine, skips out our makeshift gate and away. It will be at least an hour before she gets back. We all have our daily routine now to keep us sane. Oh Yes! we do have neighbours, I see them at night, through the night vision goggles. They stay back in the trees most of the time. I imagine they are talking to each other in whatever language. You can see them nudge each other and point toward us. They do not seem to be any threat. I have seen no sign of any weapons. We get nightly visitors or tourists more so. One is a regular visitor as I can often make out some kind of neck ornament or chain of some kind. Getting a bit sidetracked here. Laura was only gone 20 min and we could hear the screams from hell. "CLOSE! THE GATE! CLOSE THE GATE!" She wasn't even near the gate yet, Up like a light and on my way out the gate, Sheree calls me back and says here take this, throws me over one of the shotguns. Off I went again, less than a minute out the gate,
I hear Laura, "Jan Jan, Get back get back in, It's coming." She was moving like the wind,
"Wha-Whats coming? huh, What?" I questioned as we closed to each other,
How she can run and shout that loud is amazing.
Again she shouts, "Get back go run, just fukin RUN!" grabs me as she passes by. Looking back I could see nothing, but I naturally ran back to the gate behind her, constantly looking over my shoulder to see what we were running from. That was also the first time I heard her swear and at the moment I did not even notice it, I remembered a couple of days later and pulled her on it. No, I didn't she said followed by I'm 19 I can swear if I want. Oh shit, I thought I'm not prepared for a rebellion yet. We ran back, we made it through the gate and closed the gate behind us.
"I'm not sure if that will hold it," Laura remarked. In response, I held up the shotgun.
We turned to head toward Sheree and then we all heard it what Laura was running from. This was somewhere between a roar it was loud, but it was unnervingly creepy and it was coming from the direction Laura had run from. Sheree was with us now and enquiring what in hell was that. It would roar a time or two and then go quiet, a few moments later do the same, but it was getting closer. No idea what we were up against Sheree too out one of the rifles, handed it to me and said give me that one. We waited this time, but no more roars. Looking back I am not sure if that scared me more than the roar itself. That day none of us got to have our dip in the shallows of the stream we enjoy. without some kind of idea what we were up against it seemed best to use the fencing we have. As bad as that thing sounds, strengthen our walls too. We would pass comments through the day about it could have just been calling its mate, or maybe it was injured and in pain, now died. Imagining the best to make ourselves feel better. Finally, we relaxed as the night came and we settled back to what we normally do. The mornings incident was forgotten more than remembered.
After supper, we sat down as usual by the outdoor campfire. We kept this fire going all day and night with large trucks from cut trees until we mastered getting the fire going quicker with flint. This mornings excitement came back up as Sheree said:
"we should have brought some booze."
Laura interjected "Some Vodka!",
lastly, I looked at them both and said: "Some rum?" in a questioning tone.
In unison, both replied, "I knew you'd say that".
I got up and excused myself for a moment and returned to them laughing about something they would not tell me. "Not sharing my rum with you then," I said. To which I got many affectionate demands, pecks on the cheek, embracing hugs, promises of favours done, sharing wisdom and knowledge that it is in my interests to share. Now, all I was planning was a couple of sips. After being reminded of the mornings' events, the first fright of our lives. I was going to fall asleep a bit easier with a couple of sips.
Uncapping the top, "I get 1st sip".
Sheree says, "no drinking from the bottle" adding "Laura would you grab some cups please". We all sat and we all began to drink. We turned our morning drama about our fears into laughter and I drank some more. It was not long before the devious mind of Laura was working overtime. After they top me up by half a bottle while they slowly drank there cup. The drilling began, how many bottles, where were they hidden? Being able to resist anything and women and over my limit appears for rum, the answers come out gradually. As I reveal a location one of them has to just go do something. Eventually, my rum stash got wiped out and relocated.

Sleep was not seen arriving, Nor was the wakening, by Jeazus this sounded even worse. I am not sure if the darkness of the night amplified the roar of horror, or it was actually worse. Maybe it was the rum amplifying it. Getting my footing, picking up the rifle I had been keeping at arms reach. I was ready to shoot at everything I could not see.
"Not in your state you don't" Sheree's voice came over my shoulder as her arm reached around to take the rifle.
"Hey! You guys. You guys that didn't come from the same side, That came from over there" as Laura began to point and we looked another roar echoed out in response. There was more than one of them for sure. Are they hunting or are they mating calls? They are definitely getting closer. Something that sounds like that has to be a predator a meat eater doesn't it? This was a sobering roar and I got there fast after the next roar. it was right by our perimeter, right by our gate. Turning before I realise what I am thinking "My Goggles wheres my goggles" heading toward the hut to retrieve them. None of our regular visitors is watching, maybe they knew what this thing was and keep their distance from it. This is getting more worrisome by the moment. We hear the roar again from the forest side, it is closer but does not sound as ominous as it did before, it seems calmer maybe it is a mating call or something similar, it still carries a deepness in it, you can feel it vibrate through you. The streamside roar returns the call also not as loud but still as deep and the time between calls shortens as they get closer to each other. I cannot see any movement in the forest side with the vision goggles on and the only thing I can make out on the streamside look to be like a small monkey in a tree. Whatever is on the streamside is lurking on the other side of our fence, blocking its heat signal. The roars turned to rumbles but held that same deepness. I saw nothing come close from the forest but a tapping on our fence began and worked its way around our border 3 times, tapping on the raised fortitude. That's not an animal, definitely not. Keeping watch was decided was the best course of action and to watch in pairs. I got sent to sleep while things quietened down and I would be woken in a few hours. Finding sleep again was a bit more effort, but I rested. Sleeping under a blanket of a rum clouded mind, while danger knock at the door.

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You know she is going to want part 3 too. You left her hanging again, with what is out there, be it human or animal. Alien or demon, you just know her enquiring mind is going to want a few answers.

She only asked for one more chapter. lol

I love this!! And again hanging on the cliff!!! Part 3 coming soon?! Lol very creative @jan23com

You women like putting the pressure on don't you, :P

I mean it's already a great story, might as well keep it going😁

Were they here for 800 years or I don't know that confused me! Sexism maybe started when you choose to bring two lovely ladies with you thus offsetting the natural balance originally intended... Thanks, Jan!

I don't blame you one bit by the way!

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I will probably see the call when it is an hour before,
Midnight my time, I can make that :)

Haven't read the first one yet or any of the time travel entries cause I've been so busy, so I'm not going to read this one yet. But.. It looks like you've got some really positive feedbac! So I'm looking forward to checking this one out soon when I get the time to get to the time travel entries. :)

Probably best to read the pilot 1st :)

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Gonna have to read part 1 but you did an amazing job on part 2! Upvoted :)

Working on part 3 :)

I never knew you were such a great story teller jan. I could see this being the basis for like a movie or something, it's really well done. The characters are all likable and it's a fun adventure, I'm curious to see where it goes. And yeah.. Gotta be careful with the alcohol, heh. I finally learned my lesson a couple years ago when I got myself into a dangerous situation, though I still enjoy a few beers here and there. Looking forward to part 3! And I wonder if there will be a part 4...? I guess time will tell.

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