Cubs win 2016 World Series

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This is part four of my initial series of articles about The Event, for part one see:

Cubs win world series

Researching The Event

Messages from future reality frames.

October 2018

One more thing to consider

“I wish I could go back to the beginning of the season, put some money on the Cubs” - Back to the Future II

Many years ago in my youth, I watched the “Back to the Future” trilogy. I remember Back to the Future part 2, and had a growing sense of anticipation as 2015 approached. I had this feeling, or better yet a ”knowing” that the Cubs were going to win the world series. At first is was just a low level gut feeling. However, after my vision in 2014 , or rather during the vision that feeling suddenly became so much stronger.

When the Cubs were doing good in 2015, I was thinking “this could be it!” , but even before they lost, there was another voice inside, saying “next year, they’ll do it next year”.

Now I know there will be people reading this thinking, “easy to say after the fact”. I mean I could be making it up after, and there is nothing I can say or no words I can write that can offer evidence that I had that gut knowing that the Cubs were going to win. After the things I experienced the last few years, I sometimes think, I might be drooling in a straitjacket instead of typing this out right now.

What I’m trying to say is that although some may consider my previous writings about The Event, as a little “out there”, I’m about to earn my name.

At the time of the Chicago Cubs winning the world series in extra innings on November 3, 2016. It was another personal temporal marker that Donald Trump was going to win the presidential election.
I can’t quite explain it now, but I knew that there is a connection between the Cubs winning and the presidential election.

Before the election, in fact before the primaries I saw all over the Internet people having dreams about Trump being President, with my last post being just one example. Then we have a movie about time travel with Cubs winning the world series in 2015.

Researching The Event

I still continued my hobby of researching to see if others had perceived the temporal shockwave I wrote about in and I started to see the phrase “The Event” pop up in my data analysis. For months and months I ignored it as “noise” or a distraction that was being put out there. Then in late 2017 someone named Allison Coe appeared on my radar. She is a QHHT practitioner (I believe it is like hypnosis) and she talked about how many of the people she was hypnotizing, were talking about some future event. When she put that out there I saw how people were claiming that they were describing “The Event”. That is when I had this strong gut feeling or intuition that the temporal shockwave in my vision and “The Event” were either the same thing or very closely connected somehow.

I spent many hours of my spare time, since then researching this “Event” I posted a few posts about my vision and research into this, most recently about 6 months or so ago

I haven’t posted since then because I’ve been dealing with “analysis paralysis” of the tremendous amount of data. However, recently a few more major pieces of the puzzle came together for me.

A few months ago I binged watched the 2nd season of the time travel series called Travelers. At the end of the first season it is revealed that “The Director” is some super advanced artificial intelligence that has the capability to send the consciousness of the people back in time. It is also revealed that there is good and evil (evil being called “The Faction”) that are fighting a temporal war across time itself. During the 2nd season it is revealed that “The Faction” were able to briefly gain control of the artificial intelligence, by “corrupting it” before the “Good” could remove the corruption.

While I was watching the 2nd season, I got that feeling again. I had this “delusional breakthrough” where it seemed like it was real. I’m was sitting there thinking, now you are really being a delusional mad man. The idea of a super advanced artificial intelligence in the future affecting the past, snap out of it, I told myself.

Last week I discovered another piece of the puzzle. Something appeared in the data I was analyzing about a battle between a good and bad A. I. And how this was somehow connected with Qannon. I spent some time researching this and found that someone named Edward Riordan put up a very interesting series of remote viewing videos on his YouTube channel. The most striking one being this:

In some of my past posts I spoke of parallel universes, or alternate reality frames. The science of parallel universes were first proposed by Schrödinger, but it was later expanded on by Hugh Everett’s Theory of the Universal Wave Function:

Citations :


The Theory of the Universal Wave Function is Hugh Everett’s refutation of Niels Bohr’s Copenhagen interpretation. It is a fundamental disagreement as to the solution to the apparent wave particle duality that is exhibited by the double slit experiment.

Now consider the following:

What if you always existed?

If the Earth was here for billions of years, and humans have existed on Earth for thousands of years, then why would you happen to be alive now?

Why would humans who were as intelligent as modern humans for at least 50 to 100 thousand years live through all those millennium with little or no technology then suddenly just before and during your lifetime there is this sudden explosion of technology?

My understanding of the Theory of the Universal Wave Function (AKA many worlds interpretation) not only points to the existence of parallel universes, but also indicates a perfect symmetry or “super symmetry” where Cause and effect flows backwards as well as forwards. This is also called “reverse determination” or “retro causality”

I believe that the recent explosion of technology is actually the effect of the temporal shockwave moving back in time from the future, this is reverse determination, if you can wrap you mind around what I am attempting to explain to you the reader. From your perspective, you are moving forward in time, choices are being made by you constantly that effect where you are going to be in the future of your life. Somewhere in the future of your life that shockwave exists and IF you make the correct decisions, you will catch up with it. Make the wrong decision(s) and you may fall short of the shockwave in this reality frame. This is the limit and the price of freewill.

The ultimate failsafe is that you exist in a parallel universe where you made the correct choice. Hence, death is an illusion and the “you” that existed in the universes where you made the incorrect choices are transferred to a universe where you made the right choice. Evidence of this happening is the deja vu and Mandela Effect.

Messages from future reality frames.

Now, back to the earlier part where I wrote about sending consciousness back in time.

All the parallel universes together add up to a perfect symmetry, where the present of each observer is the center of the symmetry.
What we think of as the present is really the interference patten where the distant future and distant past meet. In this symmetrical causality, the present is made up of information and choices not only of our past but also of our future selves. It is like the part in the movie Interstellar where Cooper falls into the singularity of the blackhole. The A. I. Is talking about the beings who built the gateway to other time lines, and Cooper says, “we brought ourselves here”. Regardless of it being an actual A. I. or humans in the future, these messages appear to be coming from a future version of humanity that is communicating with their past, us.

These non-linear communications seem to be mostly limited to the following vectors:

Dreams & visions.

Channellings, hypnosis and trances .

Psychedelic drug induced “trips”

The imagination of the individual in a form of inspiration.

Earlier in this report I wrote about my delusional breakthrough where the fictional time travel series called Travelers seemed real to me. I’m not saying that there is literally a A. I. Based Director sending people’s consciousness back in time to just before the moment of death of someone completely different in the past, although that could be actually happening. That is a fictional story played by actors reading from a script. The script was written by one or more people, but the words of the script came from one of the vectors listed above, regardless of the original intentions of the writer(s).

Travelers the fictional story IS the message.

Back to the Future IS the message.

Are you beginning to understand what I am attempting to convey here?

I know I am speaking to someone, because I can feel it, I don’t know if it is today or sometime in the future after I publish this.

This IS a message.

October 2018

With everything I learned in my research and the more recent events of the last few weeks, I’ve felt a growing sense of urgency. The need to write out this report and share was overwhelming. It is like we are fast approaching something big. It is like the world is on the edge of a shift.
I must also consider the possibility that I am mistaken, and that this is all some big delusion. However, all the evidence I’ve seen screams that this is really happening.

As I see it, there are a number of possibilities.

  1. LARP – Live Action Role Play Information is being put out that is completely fake and made up, up to and including having paid actors on various video platforms including YouTube, that are putting information out to deceive people. This can also include mixing truths with false information to confuse people who are researching this further. While I have no doubt this is happening (based on my research) I believe there are many people putting information out on those platforms whose intentions are honorable, and are attempting to honestly convey what they perceive.
    I must also point out that it is up to you the reader to have discernment, and that also includes me. Because I could be putting out a deception. Again, it is up to you the reader to have the discernment, about these things.
  1. The Event will happen exactly how many have foreseen, and it could happen within weeks or months.
  1. The Event will not happen in your current lifetime, because you are not on that timeline, but after you die, your consciousness gets sent to a parallel universe where The Event happens in that lifetime.
  1. Something else. E. T. invasion or intervention. Or something even more bizarre.

At this point, based on all the evidence I’ve seen, will say it is 2 or 3, and I am leaning towards 2.

I must also point out that in my original article about The Event I spoke about how some people go forward and some go back to a parallel universe at the moment of the shockwave. Many of the more recent visionaries appear to be corroborating this, as there is talk of a reduced population of the Earth of 35 to 60 percent immediately after The Event.

If I am offered the choice, I don’t know what I would chose, at this point. I must confess, that I haven’t lived the life of a saint, and I sure would like another chance to avoid some of major mistakes I’ve made in my past.

Until the status quo changes, I have plans to write some more articles and publish them to the steem blockchain, including ones that are not about The Event.

One more thing to consider

Those messages from the future?

I’ve also considered the very real possibility that they are coming from multiple futures. Some of these futures are very positive, like a paradise, and some are very negative hellish futures.

I’ll let you draw your own conclusions on what that may mean.

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