"The Embarrassing Challenge" Let's Have fun Sharing Embarrassing Hilarious Situations !

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 Yesterday, I talked to @rebeccaryan about creating a new challenge as a way to have fun sharing embarrassing situations with our great Steemit community. She encouraged me to do this and offered me her support. I believe these kinds of challenges will make Steemians more united and that it they will inspire more cooperation among us as it brings us together to share a laugh or two. The challenge is called "The Embarrassing Challenge". 

  Your Participation IS Highly Appreciated And Will Be Worth Making An Effort.
We want you to help us spread humour and some hilarious fun liberally around the Steemit blockchain.  

Your efforts will be recognized by our upvotes on your posts and on comments that we feel add to the discussion that each post generates. 

 Please give us an opportunity to upvote your work by sharing your embarrassing stories, in under 400 words or less, with us. (We know that everyone will be able to relate to this because we’ve all been through embarrassing moments, at some point in our lives.)

For those that want to participate, we'd like you to use the following tags:  





The 5th tag is yours to choose.  

We'd also like you to incorporate "The Embarrassing Challenge" into your story's title and include a link to your story as a comment to this post or to @rebbeccaryan’s or @natureofbeing’s “embarrassing challenge posts”. This will make the process a little easier for us to find your submission to this challenge.  

            https://pbs.twimg.com/media   Alexandria/Egypt

My two friends and I went on a holiday last summer. We traveled to Alexandria and spent only four days, but it was an amazing trip. We enjoyed every moment of it and when the holiday was over, we decided to return back to Cairo so that we could collected our things, and prepare our bags before we went to the train station. Everything was fine until we reached the station.
We spent all the money we had and only had enough left to buy the train tickets we needed. All of our money for our tickets was in my friend's wallet, for safe keeping. We reached the train station late, so we had to buy the tickets for the train ride, on the train after we had already taken our seats. 

Then the Conductor came to ask for our tickets. My friend put his hand in his pocket to take his wallet out and pay for our tickets. To our surprise and horror, he didn't find his wall   


This came as an awful surprise. We looked at each other and we didn't know what to say. Our faces went red and we all started to blush and feel incredibly embarrass       

 The Conductor got mad at us. He said "What! Are you crazy for getting into first class with no money! Are you kidding!!"  We reacted like a cat got our tongues. We couldn't say anything. Then, he left us and went to check on the other passengers. When he came back to us again, he was convinced that we were trying to “con” him out of paying for our tickets with our story of losing our money. We spent the whole train ride convincing him that we were telling him the truth and feeling embarrassed by our situation. It was terribly embarrassing and to date, the most embarrassed that I've ever felt.  

The Conductor finely forgave us and let us ride on the train without being fined or charged.    

  Thanks for reading my embarrassing story. We look forward to reading your stories, so please share them with all of us.                                      


@mostafa1 Hmmm, interesting concept here which stimulated me to share mine. I had to struggle to edit the tags as #theembarrassingchallenge was not accepted for being one character over. I ended up having to delete the whole post and re-submitting. I got around by not using the hash tag.

Well, here's my entry:

Great story @aedroberts! Tags can be up to 24 characters long, so you've used theembarrassingchallenge tag properly on your post by not including the hash (#) in front of it.
I have upvoted your comment and am following you :)
Thanks for deciding to participate, today.

@rebeccaryan Thank you; I have also followed you and subscribed to your You Tube channel. I have left a long message there for you. TIA

Thanks @aedroberts, my YouTube channels are a bit topsy turvy at the moment do you remember which video you left a long message on...it may help me to find it quicker. ;)

@rebeccaryan After subscribing, I went to the About section and left a message there. So it should show up in your inbox.

@aedroberts, I looked high and low but did not locate this message. I am not sure where it went because I have not received it as an email or a comment, anywhere that I can see. I just wanted to let you know so that you don't think I am ignoring you. ;)

@rebeccaryan Sorry, it escaped me that you have more than one channel. It was Stir The Pot Cooking Supplies.

If the comment disappeared into cyberspace, please go to my profile and click on my website. My email address is in there.

can't wait to read your story, thanks for participating!

You did a fantastic job @mostafa1, taking your idea, putting it into action quickly and accepting a little help along the way.
I am so proud of you! Well done, my friend. ;)

Hi girl..so this is what you have been up to recently @rebeccaryan. I have tracked you to ask support as we have launched our new group #steemph
We will be doing mostly marketing the platform and doing charity works. My role is behind the scenes as am not there. Few "oldie steemians" are in it with some new ones. Am sorry as I need to use this post for my message. Cheers!

I've got embarrassing ones that you can't imagine lolsss. Maybe one of these days, i'll join you. Been a long time :)

Hi @immarojas!!! How's my favourite cardiac nurse?
Looks like you've been up to a lot of good with steemph! You've got 100% support from me!
I have no doubt you have embarrassing stories and I can't wait to read one. LOL!

Ahahaha and i thought you must be doing something bad without me lolssss
Thanks..i know i can count on you. You still top my list when it comes to cannabis,will need you at the front. Watch this space.
Be well.

you're too supportive and kind @rebeccaryan ,the community truly need more people like you. thank's for helping me. I'll never forget it. exceedingly appreciated. may blessings shower upon you!

You are most welcome and it is my pleasure!!!

Si can see yhis could become a very busy channel... Provided that honesty prevails over pride! I shall return here often and post on days when nothing, including said pride, hurts.

I can see this becoming a well-loved tag too, @elaine54! Thanks for your comment.

I love this @mostafa1, great idea, great job on the post and I enjoyed your story too.

So glag you liked it , you are more than welcome.bless up @natureofbeing

I also resteemed it and I hope it brings more entries! who knows, I may write up a story also

That's a funny idea!!! Let me think about my most embarrassing story... Not sure if this is something for the blockchain, haha!

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