30+ DNC staffers are caught up in Awan Brothers IT scandal.... With proof!

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Right now there is a mega story brewing on The_Donald subreddit.

You may or may not be aware of the Awan brothers scandal. But it is going to be huge! just now a fellow pede has posted a good breakdown with links and pictures showing that over 30 Democrats overpaid Awan brothers for their IT services!! Totaling somewhere around 4 MIllion USD....

The original poster has asked us all to spread this link >> https://www.reddit.com/r/The_Donald/comments/6s7r85/30_democrats_overpaid_imran_awan_and_his_goons/

The basic break down of this scandal, is that DWS(Debbie Wasserman Schultz) brought on the Awan brothers as IT people. She and many other Democrats overpaid them to the tune of 3 to 4 million dollars in IT expenses, while they did little to no work over a period of years(I think 6 or 7 years). BUT that isn't the scandal....

See... The scandal is that they had access to almost all other Democrats information/Intel commities/Military commities.... This information could then be sold. Intel/foreign documents/contact lists/databases/user names/passwords/emails/everything.

This is very crucial because that means they can spy on almost anything AND most congressional members who are Republicans(given that Republicans obviously have contact with Democrats and share common reports/data/commities/etc). They are able access it all...

So that whole Muh Russia is falling apart even more day by day, because now the cards point to MASSIVE taxpayer funded spy ring of the Awans getting info and leaking stuff.

Remember, Seth Rich was on to something fishy going on in the DNC, and he likely knew all about this. Did they kill Seth Rich because he was going to expose the Awans??? This story takes a huge turn now as it becomes more and more clear someone for sure had Seth Rich killed...


Wikileaks email on Awan brothers, Imran Awan had access to the DNC emails through DWS I-pad

Memes!!! http://imgur.com/a/LBUfJ


rEsteemed because...

His name was Seth Rich.

His name was Seth Rich.

His name was Seth Rich.


the sooner the democong are broken as a party, the sooner we can break the quislings of the republicans


I do not say this lightly. I think that is why they killed him. Not because he was a leaker. I think somehow he figured out the Awans were doing things and spying. It makes way more sense for them to go after Seth Rich over that than because he was a leaker.

Now we have to prove it somehow...

What you just said makes a lot of sense @truthforce.

It's alleged that Imran Awan was at the same party Seth Rich was on the night he was murdered.

Holy shit, I didn't know that. I think we need to start digging on that. It would make way more sense for them to go after Seth if they thought he was going to expose a huge spy ring.

It never made sense to me why they would kill someone who leaked emails that just painted a lot of Democrats in a bad light. Now it makes sense, the spy ring.

I still think he was killed for leaking; that was a huge leak, and I'm surprised it wasn't more effective in waking people up from being liberals (but then again, liberalism is a belief system)

Podesta had made the point earlier that leakers needed to be made examples of (from the DNC emails); idk if that was directly in re: to Rich

...and it's not like the Clinton Crime Ring hasnt left a trail of bodies behind it

dunno if it'll be huge or not.
so far there have been a LOT of YUGE
scandals that weren't
The NewsMedia and the Democrats have managed to cover them up.

This post needs more love. Resteemed!

Why isn't there a GRAND JURY nvestigating this?

ohh the story got huge turn now :P Damn
Seth Rich got Seth poor :P :P :P :D #IMSORRY :D

Let it come out! If this does explode and go mainstream, we may see hundreds of people go to jail. Lock her up!

I hope we do see people go to jail who need to. Sick of this establishment crap. All those pedos getting arrested lately is insane.

Nuts man. Where was our beautiful govt to stop the pedos before? Covering up.

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