I do not say this lightly. I think that is why they killed him. Not because he was a leaker. I think somehow he figured out the Awans were doing things and spying. It makes way more sense for them to go after Seth Rich over that than because he was a leaker.

Now we have to prove it somehow...

What you just said makes a lot of sense @truthforce.

It's alleged that Imran Awan was at the same party Seth Rich was on the night he was murdered.

Holy shit, I didn't know that. I think we need to start digging on that. It would make way more sense for them to go after Seth if they thought he was going to expose a huge spy ring.

It never made sense to me why they would kill someone who leaked emails that just painted a lot of Democrats in a bad light. Now it makes sense, the spy ring.

I still think he was killed for leaking; that was a huge leak, and I'm surprised it wasn't more effective in waking people up from being liberals (but then again, liberalism is a belief system)

Podesta had made the point earlier that leakers needed to be made examples of (from the DNC emails); idk if that was directly in re: to Rich

...and it's not like the Clinton Crime Ring hasnt left a trail of bodies behind it

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