The Dolphin Cocoon, Vision statement, Mission statement and plan.

Vision statement

The beating heart of Steemits middle class never stops learning, inspiring and supporting. Standing together we can have an impact on dreams. 

Dare to dream and work hard to make these dreams a reality. 

Mission statement

Our mission is to give guidance, support, connection, and inspiration to the middle class on Steemit. To offer this to the middle class we will provide them a warm home with a place for growth, questions, opportunities to find stronger connections. The middle class is the beating heart of Steemit and supports both lower and higher qualified members of the platform. Our staff believes in working together and supporting others to grow and inspire. 


The Dolphin Cocoon will provide a warm and friendly environment for those who have been on the Steemit platform for a while. Connection and friendship are main goals within the community. Together we stand stronger and we are able to make a difference in many shapes and forms. Projects will produce creativity and inspiration to keep building the whole platform to the next level. 

To join the community on Discord use the following link:

The voting Guild will aim at the middle class of the Steemit platform ( Dolphins and reputation above 55. )
The first level of curating will be done by curators and will be checked and approved before the main account will manually vote.
We will take the time to scan the platform for quality posts, to read the posts before we make the decision to vote.
We will reward our curators by voting for their content because we believe in rewarding good work. While our main goal is the vote content made by the middle class we will not forget about the new members. 


Founder @poeticsnake

@poeticsnake, @ma1neevent ( Moderator) @sircork and @anarcho-andrei ( Witnesses)  are in full charge of the Discord room.

At this moment of writing, we have 35 members. 


It is really good to read these motivating words @poeticsnake <3

Amazing Vision statement @poeticsnake
The membership is going to grow and the cocoon will house many dolphins!

Proud to be a part of it! Big Love 👊🏼❤️

I will happily help with curation!

It is cheering to know that when those of us swimming in the minnow pond have to leave, that there is another fabulous place waiting for us to dive into. :)

Nice motivational words @thedolphincocoon

A pleasure to help you build this community @poeticsnake !

I think there is a real opportunity here to better serve the in-between layer on STEEM, the meat in the sandwich between minnows which are infinitely supported here and whales that don't really need support here.

That leaves us, the dolphins, the ones getting things done for everybody else.


This is our home. @TheDolphinCocoon.

Let's all pin up our favorite posters in our rooms and make it ours. :D

Yours in Service,
Founder: @YouAreHOPE
STEEM Witness

And most of all it feels like a warm home with nice people. Those happy bubbles will keep me here :-D

It looks like the Snek's planz iz werkkinggsssssssss.

Hi! @poeticsnake. How can I be member of the group? How can I join the groip?Congratulations! Upvoted. that's a very good idea. Be success. Have a nice day!

Get your rep to 55+ and your wallet to greater than a couple of thousand SP/steem or sbd as those are the first steps to being a dolphin on the platform.

This is done via quality content, and building solid relationships in communities designed for minnows, at first. If you have to ask how to become a dolphin, then you still need to spend more time on steem learning what is going on here, before you will be one.

@sircork. Really, i have a lot to learn and a lot to earn. Thanks for explanation. Be success. U´voted and follow. Have a nice day

It will come in time. Keep steeming!

Thank you

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