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RE: The Dolphin Cocoon, Vision statement, Mission statement and plan.

in #thedolphincocoon5 years ago (edited)

A pleasure to help you build this community @poeticsnake !

I think there is a real opportunity here to better serve the in-between layer on STEEM, the meat in the sandwich between minnows which are infinitely supported here and whales that don't really need support here.

That leaves us, the dolphins, the ones getting things done for everybody else.


This is our home. @TheDolphinCocoon.

Let's all pin up our favorite posters in our rooms and make it ours. :D

Yours in Service,
Founder: @YouAreHOPE
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And most of all it feels like a warm home with nice people. Those happy bubbles will keep me here :-D

It looks like the Snek's planz iz werkkinggsssssssss.

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